How to improve digestion: 11 habits that you cannot miss in your life

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to have a correct digestion? With these super tips your digestive problems can disappear quickly.
Cómo mejorar la digestión

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The stomach is the key to maintaining harmony, balance and the proper functioning of our systems and organs.

Inadequate digestion damages and deteriorates health, preventing the correct assimilation of nutrients and hindering the proper elimination of waste and waste material from our body.

When this happens, our body becomes obstructed and intoxicated, causing some discomforts such as heartburn, flatulence, regurgitation, nausea, bad breath and belching, among others, which will affect you very negatively both physically and psychologically.

Good digestion is the basis for feeling strong and healthy, on a personal and physical level, hence the importance of taking care of your diet and eating habits.

From bowel pain to navel pain are some of the consequences of a stormy digestion. Taking things slowly and calmly is the main resource for a healthy digestion. However, there are some additional measures you can take to digest all foods with the best possible guarantees.

11 very effective rituals to have a happy digestion

Here are a series of tricks to facilitate digestion and feel better.

Restrict or eliminate foods that harm you

Stop eating hard-to-digest foods.

There are some key hard-to-digest foods like dairy, gluten, wheat, processed foods, coffee, and refined sugar. Try to limit your consumption.

Eat at least 5 times a day

Divide your total calorie intake into five or more equal servings.

It is preferable to eat several small meals throughout the day than to eat one large one. This will help you be less hungry and it also helps to keep glucose levels stable and digest food better.

Get used to the activity

Get regular exercise It will help to activate your metabolism, which will reduce the chances of digestive upset.

Avoid lying down after eating or doing strenuous exercise right after a meal.

Avoid excessive alcohol consumption

Alcohol is proven to cause nausea and short-term stomach discomfort.

However, many people are unaware that these problems can persist even after they sober up.

Reduce or completely remove alcohol from your life so that your digestive system stays healthy.

Stress out

Whoever eats stressed, nervous, restless, watching TV or reading the newspaper, arguing with the rest of the diners and therefore, subjected to tension, will find it difficult to have an adequate digestion.

Detect sources of stress in your environment and try to neutralize them in some way. Always remember that stress affects your entire body, so digestion naturally also suffers from its effects.

Chew slowly and with your mouth closed

We must chew our food well and conscientiously since the stomach has no teeth.

The more crushed the food is, the easier it will be to digest in the stomach.

Take your time between bites and, above all, do not swallow whole pieces without having chewed them well beforehand.

Beware of mixtures

Not many different foods should be taken at the same meal.

Taking into account that each food requires an enzyme that the body must prepare and if we force the body to manufacture many different enzymes, we overload it with work.

Say no to spicy

Hot and spicy foods can cause prolonged discomfort, especially for people who are not used to it.

This discomfort may be accompanied by stomach pain, diarrhea, or painful bowel movements.

If you have a history of digestive upset, you may need to stop consuming spicy foods that irritate your stomach.

Beware of fats

Excessively greasy foods such as red meat and fried foods, in addition to causing an uncomfortable bloating sensation, cause health problems such as heartburn or reflux in some people. Not to mention how unsightly the fat accumulated in different parts of the body is and prevents us from have a flat stomach.

Bet on vegetables

Vegetables are healthy and nutrient-dense foods.

However, many green leafy vegetables can be tough and stringy if eaten raw. Cook vegetables to break down their nutrients and digest them easily.

You can achieve delicious results by preparing the vegetables on their own with a mild sauce or as part of a larger plate.

Drink chamomile from time to time

A natural infusion that we must ingest after meals and that will help us improve digestion.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties it has, and that will help us avoid the appearance of gases.

It also regulates intestinal activity, making digestion better, faster and more effective, as well as avoiding constipation or diarrhea.

Digestive problems are annoying and dangerous but, luckily, just by changing a few habits we can see how the flow of food improves along the digestive tract thanks to how good we feel.

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