How not to be hungry: 23 smart ways to avoid hunger

Hate to snack between meals and don't know what to do? With these simple tricks you will stop being hungry all the time and avoid overeating.
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Are you looking for an effective and easy way to not be hungry? Do you want to avoid snacking between meals to comply with your healthy and balanced diet? What are the most effective ways to get less of a man until our next meal?

We reveal the 23 definitive tricks to avoid eating between meals. You will never be hungry again!

It may seem difficult, but keeping hunger away is not as complicated as we can imagine. Sometimes things seem complicated to us, but it is mainly because we do not know exactly how we should do them. For that reason, in this article we reveal the most effective and easy ways to avoid being hungry.

You will be able to put them into practice without much complication whenever you want to avoid the urge to eat.

Drink water

This is one of the healthiest ways to avoid being hungry. Drinking water not only removes a multitude of toxins from your body, but also provides energy and makes your stomach feel full.

Chew gum

Sugar-free gum is one of many ways to keep your mouth occupied. Many people claim that chewing gum helps when it comes to losing weight and makes your brain believe that you are eating food.

Take a nap

Can't stop thinking about how hungry you are? Take a little nap and you will surely wake up with much more energy and satisfaction. As you know, most people do not feel hungry first thing in the morning, this is because there is less acid in the stomach. A nap recreates this effect.

Eat several meals throughout the day

One of the best ways to not be hungry is to constantly eat! Yes, eating more can help you lose weight. Eat small menus throughout the day, instead of eating a lot of it in a few meals. This will keep your metabolism going and your stomach will always have some food in it. Try to eat about five or six meals a day, instead of three.

Fill up on fresh veggies

If you need a snack, maybe you should eat something healthy that does not contribute to feeling hungry. Think of a piece of fruit or vegetable and not only will you reduce your hunger throughout the day, but you will also eat fewer calories!

Reduce your carbohydrate intake

Carbohydrates turn into sugars and stimulate insulin production in your body, causing a vicious cycle of hunger.

Eat lean protein

Try to keep a high amount of protein in your body and you will reduce your feeling of hunger.

Increase your fiber intake

High fiber foods tend to fill your stomach quickly and keep you full for a long time.

Do not skip breakfast

Many people get up in the morning and leave their house quickly without having eaten a decent breakfast. Many others misinformed believe that trying to skip meals will help you lose weight. Breakfast is, without a doubt, a meal that cannot be skipped, since energy is necessary for your body to function properly.

Eat more eggs

If you are looking for a low-fat, high-protein snack to stop hunger, eggs are an ideal form. If you are concerned about cholesterol, avoid the yolks.

Wash your teeth and your tongue

Don't you think the mint flavor makes your mouth feel great? Surely good enough that you think about eating something immediately after a good tooth and tongue brushing. This is a method used by many dieters.


A nice long walk or walk is really a good way to stimulate your adrenaline and kill your hunger ... for a while, at least, since if you burn calories, it is logical that you are more hungry. However, many people do not feel hungry directly after exercising, so this can be a good way to pass the time between meals, rather than continuing to eat.

Drink vinegar

Drinking two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar before each menu will make you feel less hungry hours later.

Avoid salt

Excessive amounts of salt have never been good for your health and can lead to dehydration. There are many people who cannot tell the difference between hunger and thirst, so eating salt could awaken that feeling of hunger when you really want to drink.

Avoid sugar

Foods with high volumes of sugar can be delicious, but they burn in your body very quickly. Even sugary snacks that are low in fat are a bad idea, so much so that you'll be hungry in no time and want to eat again.

Keep busy

Many people convince themselves that they are hungry when in fact they are bored. If you suddenly find yourself eating because there is nothing better to do, get to work immediately. Keep food out of your mind and out of your diet.

Avoid food

Literally. Not only should you keep busy, but you should also avoid places where you see (and smell!) Food. Do not go into the kitchen and do not meet friends in a restaurant if you are not planning to eat.

Avoid alcohol

Not only is it a calorie-packed drink, it also increases your appetite. It's hard to say no to eating when your body is full of alcohol and you're feeling a bit tipsy. Alcohol also inhibits your willpower, making it more likely that you will seek a second help in the form of food.

Eat calmly

Many times, when we are hungry, we eat with great anxiety. You must do it slowly. Take food as a ritual and eat calmly to feel full faster.

Peppermint lick

There are many benefits, both physical and psychological, that have been attributed to peppermint over the years. Although it is not scientifically proven, there are many people who claim to have a feeling of fullness after eating a little peppermint.

Avoid caffeine

Although many people believe that caffeine is an appetite suppressant, the truth is that it has a similar effect to sugar that will make you hungrier than before. You don't really need to drink anything other than water when you're trying to lose weight.

Learn to manage stress

When someone is on a diet, it is hard both physically and psychologically, so it is important that you learn to manage your stress levels. Not only will stress make you want to eat, but a high level of anxiety can trigger you to eat more than you need.

Drop the fork after each bite

A great way to eat slowly is by letting go of your fork after each bite, as this action signals your brain not to eat with such anxiety. Many dieters tend to take a sip of water between each bite of food.

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