Legal notice and conditions of use

At Do It Easily we pretend to be clear and transparent. That is why we appreciate you taking a few minutes to understand the legal terms that define our relationship on this website.

Objectives of the web

  • Distribute content related to multiple themes.
  • Manage the list of subscribers, as well as moderate the site.
  • Manage affiliate networks and advertising advertisers.

Use of the website

As a user of hazlofacilmente.com, you must assume a conduct that in no case may harm the image, interests and / or rights of hazlofacilmente.com. As a user, you are not allowed to take actions aimed at preventing a correct experience on the site for other users of hazlofacilmente.com. However, at hazlofacilmente.com we work hard to prevent this from happening.

The publication of content that may generate or arouse controversy among users of hazlofacilmente.com is not allowed. All this content, or any other that hazlofacilmente.com considers illegal, offensive, abusive, threatening or that may generate any type of damage, both to the website itself and its users is strictly prohibited. From hazlofacilmente.com we guarantee that this type of content may be reviewed and moderated if deemed appropriate.

The user agrees not to use the website for illegal purposes or to cause, in any way, its incorrect operation.

Any content on this website may not be reproduced, distributed in whole or in part without the express permission of its legal representative.

The use of the contents of hazlofacilmente.com for commercial or advertising purposes is not allowed without the express permission of its legal representative.

Use of the advertising network

At Hazlo Fácil we want to offer a transparent service where companies that offer value find a reliable distribution platform.

Through the use of said platform, the following are contemplated:

Content publishing service available to users

Do it Easily makes available to users a form to purchase packages of publications on our blog.

Users will have the possibility to upload their own content under the following conditions:

All users have the possibility of publishing an article for free that has all the characteristics and requirements of the packaged product.

The user will also be able to acquire more publications through the packs accessible from the different points of the website.

The user may send the articles for review as many times as they want, always adhering to our right to reject those publications that could infringe a crime, be offensive, in bad taste for someone or simply do not fit with our values. Nor will we accept publications that are not original, repeated or that do not respect intellectual property or that have already been published under copyright. We employ systems to detect plagiarized content that block and discard it.

He will have the possibility to make his publications within a maximum period of 60 days after completing the purchase. Once the term has passed, the user will lose their right to publish, and can always purchase a new pack under the conditions of that moment.

Style, format and other requirements

The format of the texts must comply with the following:

  • Descriptive title (How to… do something)
  • Content: Above all, it must add value to the reader, solve some aspect in a concrete way or give them clues on how to tackle a problem.
    Minimum length: 700 words
    Maximum extension: no limit
  • Number of maximum allowed links and type: 2 do-follow links
  • Allowed categories: all

Failure to comply with one or more of the above points could lead to the cancellation of any publication that does not conform to the style code of Do It Easily and in case of registering an inappropriate use or in bad faith towards our systems, the account could be canceled from irreversibly.

Conditions for uploading files

  • Maximum upload size: 500 kb
  • Allowed media type: Text, image

Responsibility of users

We assume that the user of the website knows and accepts the provisions of this legal notice. The user has the obligation to use hazlofacilmente.com in accordance with the legal terms set out in this legal notice.

Data protection and confidentiality policy

Hazlofacilmente.com offers all the guarantees regarding the protection of personal data that users provide, granting them treatment in accordance with current legislation on protection of personal data, assigning them the legally stipulated security levels to protect them.

Do it Easily undertakes to manipulate the data included in the file "WEB Users AND SUBSCRIBERS", to respect their confidentiality and use them according to their own purpose, adopting all the necessary measures, both to store them and to avoid their modification , loss and / or unauthorized use, in accordance with Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21, which approves the Regulations for the development of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data.

As reflected in our Privacy Policy, this website uses systems that record users' personal information. Users must always give their prior consent to process their personal data for the indicated purposes.

ARCO rights of users

According to Organic Law 15/1999, on access, rectification or cancellation of data and opposition, the user may exercise their recognized right regarding the data collected. To do so, the user must send a digitally signed document, along with a photograph of their ID, to the email address: [email protected]

User complaints

All users and visitors of hazlofacilmente.com have the ability to submit claims. To make a claim, you must request the template through our email [email protected], indicating name, surname, and reason for the complaint.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

The intellectual property of the website hazlofacilmente.com rests exclusively with its legal person, author and owner of this website.

Reproduction, modification, reuse or dissemination through any method or means of communication is not allowed under any circumstances without the express consent of its legal representative.

We assume that the user knows and accepts that the website as a whole, as well as each of the elements that make it up, are protected by copyright and other legitimate registered rights, in accordance with the provisions of international treaties in those to which Spain is a party and other property rights and laws of Spain.

Any visitor or user who considers that the website has unintentionally violated any of their rights due to the introduction of certain content on the website, should contact [email protected] indicating:

Personal data of the owner or of the third party representing the alleged affected party.

Indicate the contents protected by intellectual property rights and indicate its location on the website, the accreditation of the intellectual property rights indicated and the express declaration in which the interested party is responsible for guaranteeing the veracity of the information provided in their notification. .

external links

On any page of the website it is possible to find links to websites or content owned by third parties.

Hazlofacilmente.com is not responsible in any case for any of the consequences derived from the access, by the user, to these websites or to content owned by third parties.

From hazlofacilmente.com we strive to guarantee the appropriate security standards before including an external link to any third-party property on the website.

Disclaimer and waiver of liability and guarantees

Hazlofacilmente.com is never responsible for damages of any kind that occur as a result of:

  • The unavailability, inactivity or continued operation of the website or any of its contents.
  • The presence on any web page of malware, malicious software or harmful content.
  • An illicit, negligent, fraudulent use or contrary to this Legal Notice.
  • The absence of legality, quality, usefulness, availability and reliability of the services provided by third parties available to all users of the website.

The website is in no way responsible for damages arising from the illegal or contrary use of hazlofacilmente.com

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Spanish legislation and jurisdiction, as well as the Competent Courts, are those that, in general, submit all relationships between the website and its users.

Contact form

An email is available to all visitors to which they can go to express any comment about hazlofacilmente.com

Hazlofacilmente.com can modify at any time and without prior notice, both the appearance and the arrangement or configuration of any of the contents of the website.

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