Cookies policy

Website users have the right to know the existence of cookies, to know what they are and to decide if they want to download them. Based on article 22.2 of Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce regarding cookies, it establishes the following: Article 22.2 of Law 34/2002. "Service providers may use data storage and retrieval devices on recipients' terminal equipment, provided that they have given their consent after they have been provided with clear and complete information on their use, in particular, on the purposes of data processing, in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data ”. Given that the dynamics of the sector makes it difficult to have clear and updated information about the cookies that third parties can use through our website. For example, in the case of embedded elements such as images or videos, which are stored on another site but can be viewed integrated into our website. We strive to understand all the cookies that operate through our website.

What cookies do we use?

On our website we use both our own cookies and third-party cookies. This is aimed at giving you a full experience when browsing our website. In addition, it allows you to be shown personalized information based on your interests, as well as perform statistical analysis. All users have the right to cancel the processing of data by blocking cookies by simply configuring the browser. Although it is possible that if the user disables cookies, this site may not work properly. The user declares that they consent to the use of cookies if they continue browsing the website.

What are cookies used for?

Through cookies we achieve several objectives:
  • A correct functioning of the website
  • Improved usability and access
  • Greater speed in loading content and website security
  • Collect data for statistical analysis
  • Show personalized information based on the user's browsing habits

Why will we NOT use your cookies?

  • To personally identify users
  • To collect sensitive information
  • To share with third parties data that allow the identification of the user

Third-party cookies on our website

On our website we include functionalities provided by third parties, as well as we can introduce changes to our website that may eventually modify the cookie settings not detailed in this cookie policy. Sometimes, it is not possible to report these cookies whose object is study and assessment. We will never use cookies that could compromise your privacy. [cookie_audit columns = »cookie, description, duration, sensibility, type» heading = »The list below details the cookies used on this website.»]

Cookies for analysis services

We use Google Analytics software to collect information for analysis from our website. The data collected is intended entirely for the study and improvement of our website, and will never be used to personally identify the user. You can check here the cookie policy used by Google.


Hazlofacilmente.com uses the WordPress content manager. The use of cookies made by WordPress systems is not under the control or management of the person responsible for this website. These cookies do not report any type of consideration and their sole purpose is to identify and track website users to better understand them regarding your product.


On our website it is possible to play embedded videos that remember some settings, such as volume or suggestions.

Affiliate networks

Cookies from Amazon.com and other platforms, such as Namecheap, are installed in the user's browser to track sales from the click of origin.

Social media

There are cookies intended to be stored during your browsing if you perform any social action on our website. The cookies corresponding to these social networks are specified in their respective Cookies policies: The privacy settings of each social network are configured individually as the user has chosen on each platform. Cookies do not allow the person responsible for this website, or any of its advertisers, to obtain personal information that can identify you.

Management and deactivation of cookies

It is possible to configure the web browser to notify the user before downloading any cookie. Likewise, it is possible to adjust the web browser so that it rejects all cookies or, only, third-party cookies. The user can delete cookies already stored in the browser and will have to individually adapt the settings of each browser on each computer from which they access. The user can prevent the automatic installation of cookies on his computer by following the following information for each browser:

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