How to eliminate a double chin: natural alternatives to avoid surgery

Do you have a double chin and want to know how to eliminate it forever? We reveal the secrets that will make your double chin disappear effectively, quickly and naturally.
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We have all tried tricks to hide a double chin at some time, but wearing a turtleneck or a scarf, or tilting your head when taking a photo is not always possible or looks good.

No one will deny it. The extra layer of fat that hangs from our neck is, almost always, a consequence of being overweight.

Sagging neck skin can also occur with age, when our skin loses elasticity. Another possible cause is genetics.

While there are surgical interventions that claim to eliminate the double chin, these are usually not exactly cheap. However, there are some home treatments that can be very useful if what we want is to eliminate the double chin naturally and without pain.

But it must be said, you will also need to reduce excess fat with exercise and proper diet.

How to remove double chin quickly and naturally?

Here we reveal some very effective tips that will help you remove a double chin in an effective and simple way in less time than you could imagine.

Chew sugar-free gum

To eliminate a double chin it is essential to keep your facial muscles toned, and what better way than giving your jaw a good workout?

One of the best ways to do this is by chewing sugarless gum. In addition, chewing sugar-free gum will also help you keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Just chew gum several times a day and, little by little, you will begin to notice how your double chin begins to reduce dramatically quickly.

Apply cocoa butter masks

When cocoa butter is used frequently, the elasticity of the skin is improved and helps in the process of removing the double chin.

Heat a few tablespoons of cocoa butter in a microwave and gently massage the resulting oil on your neck and double chin for a few minutes.

Do this a couple of times each day, before taking a bath in the morning and before going to bed at night.

Massage with wheat germ oil

Frequent massage with wheat germ oil is another great way to eliminate double chin. Wheat germ oil has a good amount of vitamin E, which helps nourish and keep skin smooth.

  • Before going to bed, rub some wheat germ gently on the double chin area.
  • Gently massage up and down, covering the neck and double chin area, for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Leave the oil on your skin for at least one night.

Repeat it regularly, until soon you begin to notice the improvement in the appearance of your neck and the disappearance of the double chin.

Try egg white masks

An egg white mask can be really effective in making a double chin disappear.

This is because egg white has some very beneficial properties, including its ability to tighten the skin.

  • Beat two egg whites, a tablespoon of milk, another of honey and another of lemon juice.
  • Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil.
  • Apply this mask on the skin around your double chin and neck area.
  • Let it act for about thirty minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water and dry your skin.

Perform this treatment daily for faster results.

Give glycerin a try

You can use a natural mask with glycerin, which has been shown to be very beneficial when it comes to eliminating double chin.

  • Mix one tablespoon of glycerin, half a tablespoon of Epsom salt, and a few drops of peppermint oil.
  • With a cotton ball, apply it to your neck and double chin.
  • Let it act for a few minutes so that your skin can absorb it.
  • Wash the area with cold water.

Do this 3-5 times a week.

Do chin exercises several times a day

Chin exercises can help you stretch and tone your face, neck, and jaw muscles. These actively help you to eliminate double chin. With them you will be able to strengthen your chin and neck muscles and, also, you will be able to relieve stiffness.

Keeping your spine straight, slowly tilt your head back. until you end up staring at the ceiling, then purse your lips. Hold this position for about five seconds and rest. repeat 5 to 10 times. Do it daily, at least for a few weeks.

Another fantastic exercise is to lean your head over your right shoulder and then over your left, keeping your spine straight the entire time. Do 5 to 10 repetitions of this exercise, at least three times a day for a few weeks.

You can sit down to do these exercises, just make sure to keep your spine straight.

Drink green tea

Green tea contains powerful antioxidants and various components that speed up your metabolism. These help burn the extra calories and lose weight.

Start your day with a glass of green tea and drink several cups throughout the day. Green tea is available in various flavors, so it is up to you to choose the flavor that you like best.

Take vitamin E

Another very good way to remove a double chin is to increase your daily intake of vitamin E. This will increase the elasticity of your skin, as well as your health in general.

We can find vitamin E in many foods, such as vegetables, trgo germ oil, dairy products, brown rice, barley, legumes, nuts and seeds, beans or beans, soybeans, peanuts ...

You should only include in your diet foods rich in vitamin E in as much quantity as you can, although it is also possible to take a vitamin supplement.

Perform a gentle massage with milk

A milk massage can also give us great results when it comes to improving the appearance and tone of the double chin area. In addition, you will also help keep your skin soft and beautiful!

Massage the area of your neck for a few minutes with a little milk and then rinse it with warm water. Repeat several times a day for a few weeks.

Alternatively, you can make a mask with milk and honey. Mix both ingredients well and apply them on the area of your double chin. Let it sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. Follow this treatment once a day.

Add melon to your diet

Using melon can also help you improve the appearance of your skin and eliminate double chin.

Extract the juice from a fresh melon. With a cotton ball, apply it to the skin around your neck and double chin and massage. Let it act for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing with water. For best results, you can combine melon juice with apple juice, and use it to massage the area under the chin.

Another option may be to increase your intake of melon, given its high water content. This helps flush toxins from your body and is good for weight loss.

Extra tips

  • Drink more water and eat more foods high in water, such as cantaloupe, cucumber, lettuce, and celery. At the same time, reduce the consumption of coffee, alcohol and soft drinks. Proper fluid intake helps reduce fluid retention and improves skin.
  • Improve your posture when you sit: head up and neck and body straight.
  • Do cardio or aerobic exercises.
  • Pay attention to your diet and avoid foods with a lot of fat. Monitor your calorie intake.
  • Until you get your double chin completely removed - which may take some time - you can use a few tricks, like makeup or pretty, strategic haircuts, to make your double chin less noticeable.

These tips will help you eliminate a double chin, just be sure to follow our remedies regularly to achieve optimal results as soon as possible.

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