How to remove stretch marks: 4 natural remedies that really work

Eliminate hateful stretch marks once and for all! We will discover how to remove stretch marks permanently and quickly with the most effective natural methods.
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How to remove stretch marks?

This is one of the questions we have ever asked ourselves if we have been pregnant, practiced an extreme sport or simply if we have eaten too much or lost weight in a short space of time. The problem is that the skin does not regenerate in time and therefore these obnoxious red or white streaks.

Before it was common to resort to chemical products or surgical interventions to get rid of stretch marks, until now. Next we reveal to you what natural products that you could never have imagined that they could be so beneficial for this annoying problem.

Horse tail

In order to remove stretch marks with ponytailFirst, we will have to mix it with 8 drops of lemon and 1 liter of 40º alcohol. Then it should be mixed with 50% water and applied to the stretch mark area 2 times a day. The effects will not be instantaneous but they will be noticed.

How to remove stretch marks with carrot

The idea is to make a small carrot puree that will come in handy. The first thing we have to do is steam them so that they are easy to grind. Then we will turn it into a puree and place it in the area where we have stretch marks. We leave it there for half an hour and then rinse with plenty of cold water.

snail slime

This is one of the star products due to the great results it offers us. It has regenerative properties for the body. If you apply it on your skin you will be able to eliminate stretch marks by regenerating old skin for new skin in record time.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera has a whole series of benefits for our body, and one of them is its involvement in treatment to remove stretch marks. It should be applied regularly before going to sleep and we will see its effects after a few weeks.

Other ways to do it easily

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