How to De-stress: 7 Super-Effective Tricks to Reduce Stress

Leave stress behind and start feeling like a whole person today. We review the anti-stress techniques that work best so you can put them into practice.
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Have you ever felt like you were going to explode like a pressure cooker? Do you feel like you are a volcano about to erupt? Are you going through a situation that you think will overcome you?

Currently we live in a society that constantly requires us to be capable or competent in our daily lives, which generates anxiety and continuous nervousness that we must be able to manage so that it does not negatively affect us on a personal level.

Stress is a biological mechanism that our ancestors used to flee from danger and survive in extreme situations.

We humans have inherited this ancient defense mechanism. However, the problem is that the situations considered dangerous have changed and, what was previously defined as fear, such as running away from a predatory animal, has now been transformed into a series of social fears.

What Is Stress Really And How To Cope With It?

Stress is an alert situation of the organism that is characterized by manifesting tension in the face of a possible real or imagined threat.

It is said that this state helps the individual to grow and evolve as a person, however when this situation exceeds the individual's assimilation capacity, this causes in him a series of negative consequences in the body that affect his own well-being and directly impacting on health (hypertension problems, cardiovascular accidents, extreme fatigue, immune system deficits, depression, etc).

On a physical level, the brain releases a greater production of adrenaline and cortisol in the blood. These hormones are linked to the nervous system and represent an alteration of the body for which it has repercussions through somatic consequences.

Unfortunately, this situation is more common today than it seems. The daily routine becomes a labyrinth of emotions that make us drag stress from one place to another, focusing on our obligations and leaving no time to enjoy.

But do not despair, you should know that there is a solution for everything and the good news is that overcoming stress can be easier than you imagine allowing you to enjoy the little things that make us happy and sometimes we do not realize by having the focus where we should not.

7 very effective tricks to get rid of stress for good

Find the origin

To eliminate stress we must locate the source that causes that tension and discomfort.

It can be something specific or something that has arisen suddenly in our life and we do not know how to face it, or if it is something permanent that is in our life it would give.

What happens? Where does it come from? How do you feel about this situation? Why do you feel like this? What do you need? What should you change? What are you afraid of? Answer these questions to take a closer look at the focus of your anxiety.

Express what you feel

Don't keep your worries to yourself because they become internal burdens.

Talking to someone makes us let go and allows us to feel more comfortable. If you need to cry or scream, do it, don't keep it inside. Allow yourself the luxury of releasing everything that you have been dragging.

Once you release it, you will feel like you take a weight off your shoulders and it will allow you to see things differently.

Dive into the water

As biological beings that we are, water is a necessary component for our survival and therefore makes it have beneficial properties for our health.

Drinking plenty of water and taking a relaxing bath or shower clears your mind and body. Relax your muscles and you can alternate between hot and cold water giving you the sensation as if you were being massaged. Another option is to create an atmosphere of harmony by adding sea salts, placing candles around the bathtub, burning some incense and playing relaxing music in the background.

Also, to make it more ideal, you can accompany that moment with a glass of wine. You don't want to get out of the bathtub.

Make a planning

If you have many tasks to do, it is best to organize yourself. This will prevent you from doing one thing and thinking about the next thing to do, making you feel unwell.

Good organization is the key to everything so that you can carry out your work on time and with success. Having everything well structured will help you to take time for yourself and enjoy your surroundings, since the latter should also be one of your daily priorities.

Music therapy

Music is the language of the soul that is capable of moving us with a beautiful melody or deep lyrics.

Lie down and listen to those songs that bring you positive memories. Do you remember that song that you heard a thousand times and it kept moving you like the first time? And the lyrics of the song that reminds you of your first love? Treat yourself to incredible experiences and sensations through sound.


Do you remember the last time your belly hurt because you couldn't stop laughing?

There is nothing more liberating than laughing out loud. Laughter has benefits both physically and psychologically. Laughter releases endorphins, hormones that reduce stress and make us feel well-being, thus strengthening our immune system and our muscles that are activated by laughter. It is an ideal exercise to eliminate negative thoughts and feelings of discomfort. I propose that you watch a comedy movie, a monologue, simply socialize with people with the same humor. You will discover that you are addicted to laughter.

Get active

Physical exercise is an ideal technique to remove tension from problems that make us bitter.

It allows us to stay physically and mentally healthy by preventing various types of diseases. It improves our physique and increases our self-esteem, making us feel more confident about ourselves and with greater motivation. Apart from this, it gives us the opportunity to socialize, sharing hobbies and personal tastes. If you are not used to exercising, do not be overwhelmed if it costs you a little at first. You can start small with a simple walk or you can join a gym where you are guided starting with a few simple exercises.

I recommend exercising outdoors to connect with nature and renew your energy.

Other ways to do it easily

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