How to start exercising

Playing sports is very simple and fun, and it is also very healthy. The problem comes when many people do not know where to start, do you need help?
Cómo empezar a hacer ejercicio

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Does the typical phrase "I'm going to the gym tomorrow without fail" sounds familiar to you? or tomorrow I start running?

These statements are among the most common in phrases that we say to convince our conscience at that moment of action but that deep down we know that we are not going to fulfill it. The use of adverbs such as tomorrow or next week are in the wide repertoire of excuses.

If you have stopped to read this article about how to exercise, it is because you are wondering how you can try. Remember that everything can be achieved and if you want you can achieve it.

Why should you start exercising as soon as possible?

First of all, we are going to see the benefits of physical exercise, as this can help us motivate ourselves and put it into practice until it becomes a routine that changes our lives forever.

Wellness. Physical exercise favors the release of endorphins, which gives us great psychological well-being. Physical exercise and the practice of an active and healthy life are the pillars to achieve an optimal functioning of our physical and mental health.

Combat and prevent diseases. The benefits of physical exercise influence almost all body systems, and are suitable both to prevent and to treat a series of pathologies, for example, not only you will get a flatter stomach, but also reduces cardiovascular risk factors, such as high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, obesity or diabetes ... It acts as a preventive factor or as a treatment that can help reduce various symptoms.

Take care of our muscles and bones. Exercise helps build strong and flexible muscles, reducing the appearance of aches, pains, and injuries. Strengthens tendons and ligaments increasing oxygenation, tone, strength and volume. Strengthens bones and prevents diseases such as osteoporosis. The stimulus on the bone makes it more resistant, being more prepared to suffer and defend itself from intense stimuli.

The importance of rest. It helps to achieve greater relaxation in the body and in the mind, which guarantees a restful and deep rest. It stimulates concentration during the day, increases your productivity and promotes a better state of mind. It releases stress and helps to carry day-to-day problems in a more harmonious way in a positive way.

Helps you think. The flow of oxygen to the brain increases, so learning, concentration, memory and alertness can be greatly improved. It has been scientifically proven that physical activity increases the production of cells in the hippocampus that are responsible for memory and learning, thus helping to improve your ability to learn new things.

Motivation. Exercise and self-improvement, as well as the well-being that it provokes, are related to mental and motivational strength. All this implies commitment and perseverance in addition to the importance of positive self-reinforcement and self-confidence.

Say goodbye to anxiety. People who suffer from anxiety can usually reduce their symptoms with the practice of exercise because this activity helps to release tension by favoring the presence of neurotransmitters such as endorphins, which contribute to the feeling of well-being. A daily walk, going for a run or playing soccer can become the best treatments to combat anxiety acting like psychoactive drugs but in a healthy way and with positive side effects such as gaining muscle mass and eliminating unnecessary fats that our body has accumulated.

Increased self-esteem. It improves the physical appearance of the person and favors having a good concept of oneself, which is very positive for loving and taking care of yourself.

Improved digestion. Physical exercise also helps control appetite to normalize intestinal activity and, in general, to maintain a healthy state at an organic level. By balancing energy with the expenditure of calories, it helps you maintain a normal body weight. Regulates all the indexes related to hypertension, glycemia and fats in the blood and, at the same time, it facilitates you a much slimmer body and stylized.

How to start exercising without losing motivation in a short time?

Starting an exercise routine is not exactly complicated, the problem, of course, comes with maintaining consistency, that is, making it a habit. The transition from a sedentary lifestyle to the practice of any physical activity involves effort, since we must not forget that the body was used to not moving and therefore your capacity for strength, coordination, balance and reaction speed has decreased.

Going from zero to one hundred cannot be done when it comes to our bodies. We must look for a suitable exercise, at an intensity adapted to us and we will be able to progress little by little until we reach, over time, the desired level.

To avoid injuries or suffer some type of accident during sports practice, we must start by training a minimum of strength. With bodybuilding exercises, also train aerobic capacity and never forget the warm-up exercises before the activity and stretching at the end.

Remember that you cannot achieve in a few weeks what you have not done for months, so the rush must be left out of the game. Go little by little, know your capacities and limitations, and adapt the intensity, progressing from less to more. Exercise is an activity that will benefit you in the medium and long term, so consistency is essential. Remember that miracles do not exist, so what you are going to achieve, you have to achieve by your own means.

Here are a series of steps for you to get started in the world of sports and soak up the benefits that it entails.

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Select your sport

Do not get carried away by fashions. As much as running may take, it may not be your thing. The bicycle, for example, is another way to do sports and enjoy a journey, since it can be done in nature. Everything will depend on your experience with the physical exercise that you have done so far. Take into account how prepared your body is for the activity you plan to carry out, set concrete and realistic objectives as the basis of preparation from which you start. Do physical activity at the time you like best, although the ideal is to do it in the morning because it will fill you with energy all night.

Step by Step

Start with short periods, 15-20 minutes, twice a week. Add more time progressively. There are many daily activities that you can include in your routine: climbing the stairs, playing with the children, taking your pet for a walk, walking quickly, taking a longer journey home, changing the car for the bicycle, etc. It can be expensive at first, but keep in mind that perseverance is the key to success.

Organize activities

Do sports activities with friends or family. A game of paddle tennis, tennis, soccer or going for a run is very entertaining when shared with other people. Although you can always organize a solo activity, everything will depend on your preferences. It is important that you enjoy doing physical activity and do not see it as an obligation to fulfill.

Set your goals

Make an action plan for each week, this will help you keep track of your progress. You can organize them by weeks and, as you progress, you can see the achievements that you have accomplished so far. Do not be discouraged if some week you do not comply with everything you have proposed. It is about moving forward and maintaining perseverance, since the goal is always to continue.

Rest is important

To stay active, your body needs to replenish fuel, charging your batteries is essential for you to have energy. At first it is normal for you to feel tired or have the famous stiffness. Do not worry, this means that your body is adapting to your new rhythm of life and in a few weeks you will feel great. Try to sleep an average of 8 hours a day so that your body recovers and can be at 100%.

The gym

Another option highly recommended is that you join the gym and, most importantly, that you go. There they can guide you on the most recommended exercises for you. They also usually offer a multitude of fun classes such as Zumba, spinning, step, TRX, Pilates, etc. Another plus point is that they can meet new people with whom to share hobbies and support you in your process of change.

Take care of your diet

The simple fact of doing physical activity encourages you to take care of the food you eat. Opt for healthy meals and learn to cook recipes that provide you with nutrients and minerals. Don't forget to stay hydrated before, during and after training. You will realize that once you start you will not be able to stop. You can start trying new foods and drinks, such as green tea or red ginsen that have very beneficial properties for the body, as well as for performance and sports results.

Get ready

Try to prepare your sports clothes, your shoes and your backpack the night before or in the morning. When it is time to exercise they will be waiting for you to pick them up and get into action.

Do not obsess

It's not about you crushing yourself, it's about starting to establish your routine. You are not going to get a flat abdomen and your muscles marked from one day to the next.

To enjoy exercise, you do not need to overexert yourself, on the contrary, it is better to do little continuously. This will help it to be constant over time and not to leave it quickly.

Other ways to do it easily

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