Privacy Policy

Hazlofacilmente.com is committed to strict compliance with the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD), guaranteeing the privacy and confidentiality of users' personal data

This Privacy Policy is only valid for personal data obtained on the website. Therefore, third parties to this website, even including links to their products from it, are exempt from compliance.

The express conditions in this contract are binding between the user and the person in charge of the web.

Updated 11/28/2015

Incorporation and registration of Personal Data

The personal data to contact, participate or make a subscription to the website hazlofacilmente.com are mandatory.

In the event of renouncing the provision of the requested personal data, or in the case of rejecting this data policy, this implies the impossibility of completing the subscription to our contents, as well as processing the requests made on our website.

Navigation through our website is totally free and free, so it is not necessary to provide any personal data to do so.

The cases in which we will need your personal data are the following:

  • Subscription to the hazlofacilmente.com newsletter.
  • Making comments on our website.
  • To contact us through our form.
  • To interact on social networks.

Required data and purpose of use

The Personal Data of the users will be collected through online forms accessible through the Internet. The data collected, among others, can be name and surname, email address and / or access connection.

Purpose of the treatment of the data collected

  1. Respond to user requests. In the cases in which a user contacts us through, for example, a contact form, we may make use of these data to respond to their demand related to any of the aspects dealt with on the website, including questions such as texts. legal included in our website or any other query that the user may have.
  2. Subscriber management and sending newsletters, promotions and special offers. In this case we will only have the name and email provided by the user when completing the subscription.
  3. Moderation and response to public contributions on the website.
  4. Support and general improvement of the website.

Such is our commitment to guaranteeing a safe and reliable experience for all our users, that it is possible that the development of instruments and algorithms that allow greater security with better guarantees of confidentiality may be included.

There are times when user information is provided anonymously or aggregated with third parties. For example, when it comes to advertisers, sponsors or affiliate networks, the data collected is anonymous and will only be used to improve our website for the ultimate purpose. The processing of all data will be carried out based on what the legal regulations determine in order to ensure that all your rights in terms of data protection are always respected.

Users have full rights over their personal data, as well as their treatment, being able to exercise them whenever they wish.

Hazlofacilmente.com will never provide your personal data to third parties without previously informing you and having your consent.

Services offered by third parties on this website

Hazlofacilmente.com requires products or services offered by third parties, essential for the development of the activity of our website.

It is possible that the user will find elements such as pages, promotions, microsites, surveys, sponsors or affiliate programs that access users' browsing habits in order to generate user profiles that allow advertising to be displayed based on browsing habits. and interests of the user. In this case, the information provided is completely anonymous and does not allow the user to be identified.

Any information provided on these sites that is accessed via an affiliate link is not subject to our privacy policy, but rather to the privacy policy of the sponsored sites themselves. Our advice is that you take a few minutes to read and understand these privacy policies.

  • Privacy policy for statistical analysis information provided to this site: Google analytics

From hazlofacilmente.com we also analyze user preferences, demographic data, traffic patterns and other information collected on a massive scale to better understand our users and adapt to their current needs.

Knowing your preferences helps us show you more valuable information for you.

In the case in which a third party creates a link from their site to ours, it does not have to mean that there is a relationship between the linker and the linked. Nor will it imply the approval or rejection by our website of its contents, products or services. Hazlofacilmente.com reserves the right to prohibit or disable any link on our website at any time.

Personal data capture systems used

We have different systems that facilitate the collection of personal data. To collect your data, it is essential to have the prior consent of the user before being able to manipulate the personal data of the users.

The user has the full right to revoke their prior consent at any time.

The website has the possibility of subscribing to a newsletter by email. This functionality is supported by the MailChimp email management platform. MailChimp It is based in the USA, so all the information provided through the forms and subscription boxes will be transferred to the servers, located in that country. At the time of sending the data, the user accepts that their data will be transferred and stored by the MailChimp platform on its servers located in a country considered unsafe after the disappearance of Safe Harbor. From this website we understand and accept the clauses proposed by MailChimp in compliance with the requirements of the European Union regarding the protection of users' personal data.

Systems for capturing personal information used

Subscription boxes.  Throughout the entire website the user will be able to find forms that will allow them to subscribe. The data provided will be used only to send updates from hazlofacilmente.com

cookies: While browsing our website, cookies are stored. The user can review our cookie policy to better understand their use and how to deactivate them if desired.

Discharge systems: It is possible that to access the download of some content it is necessary to enter the email address and activate the subscription.

Navigation and IP address: When the user browses our website, he automatically provides information to the server regarding his IP address, date and time of access, hyperlink that has been forwarded to the user to these, operating system and the browser used. The IP address of the users is considered as a personal data by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. From our website we will never use the IP address to identify its users. This information will be stored and used only for statistical and control analysis, to detect trends, to administer the website and to collect demographic data on our massive data base, which in no case will be communicated or transferred to third parties without communication and express consent. of the user.

The services provided through the newsletter may be canceled by the user at any time.

Accuracy and veracity of the data

The user agrees to provide one truthful data through our communication systems. Likewise, it also guarantees the notification of any modification thereof. In the same way, the user is solely responsible for keeping their data updated, being solely responsible for the inaccuracy or falsity of the data provided and for the damages that may be caused to the website or its manager.

Exercise of ARCO rights

The rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, also known as ARCO rights, are these:

  • Right to know personal data stored in our database.
  • Right to update or modify your personal data stored in our database.
  • Right to Cancel Future Marketing Communications.

You can contact us for any question related to your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition regarding your personal data through our email address: [email protected], attaching a valid proof in law, a photograph of your ID or equivalent with the subject "DATA PROTECTION".

Acceptance and consent

We assume that the user is informed of the conditions on the protection of personal data, and that he accepts and consents to the processing of his data by the website administrators, according to what is stated in our legal warning.

Changes to this privacy policy

From hazlofacilmente.com we reserve the right to modify this privacy policy for legal or legal updates, as well as for other requirements. The changes will be announced with a reasonable period of time before being put into effect.

Commercial emails

According to the LSSICE, from hazlofacilmente.com we will never carry out SPAM practices, so it will never send commercial emails to users who have not previously requested it. In some cases, we may send our users promotions and specific offers, both our own and that of a third party, always with the authorization of the recipient.

All users of the website can give their express consent to receive newsletters, regardless of the commercial information promptly requested. The user can cancel his subscription automatically in the same Newsletter.

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