How has the impact of social networks been on society?

That social networks have changed the world is a fact, but do you know to what extent they modify your day to day? Today we review some of its greatest effects!
Cómo ha sido el impacto de las redes sociales en la sociedad

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 Are we aware of the advances that social networks provide us today? Here are some of the strengths of social media in recent years.

You only have to look up to see how most people live slaves to their smartphones. Wherever you are, at a subway stop, in a hospital waiting room or simply eating in a restaurant, you can realize how essential cell phones have become for all of society in recent years.

These electronic devices have really changed our lives and made it more comfortable for us. You can perform thousands of actions, from buying through them, making the shopping list, looking for a job and even communicating with acquaintances, and all this from anywhere and at any time of the day. Now, what are the applications most used by society?

According Reason why, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the most downloaded applications and are in the top 5. If we reflect on their uses, it can be concluded that all of them serve to communicate directly and fluently with other people. You get these advantages with WhatsApp, which allows you to send written or oral messages instantly, images and even documents, as well as sharing your location and many other functions.

The others allow the user to offer an image about himself as he wants his followers to see him from photos, comments or opinions. Which has become a competition to get many 'likes' and has ended up obsessing, especially young people, to get the best pose or the best views, putting their lives in danger in some cases.

Cómo ha sido el impacto de las redes sociales en la sociedad

On the other hand, it is also fashionable to entertain yourself with easily downloadable games in the store offered by the smartphone. The vast majority of them allow you to interact with other users in real time and share your game time.

Likewise, it is claimed that many social media consumers spend their time enjoying the games they present. An example of this is Candy Crush, the strategic game that has remained in the top 10 for a few years. But not everything ends there, there are other games that are making a dent in the entertainment of social networks such as the strategic variant of poker, Texas Hold'em or the revolution that Pokémon Go represented worldwide, since It is a game in which the user gets the role of coach and has to get hold of all the "pokémons" that are hidden all over the planet.

Other of the most downloaded applications are those related to videos and music. These are Spotify and YouTube, since they allow you to listen to the music that is selected and, in addition, in the case of the second, you can find videos of all kinds, such as tutorials for learn to use Instagram, a computer program or any activity; Likewise, other videos that are highly sought after are video clips and concerts of important singers, among many other topics. Everything that exists can be found on YouTube and, in addition, it allows users to share their most special, fun and instructive videos. It is a good working tool.

In conclusion, it is difficult to leave home without a mobile phone, it is not usually forgotten, but if this happens there are no doubts to return and retrieve it to be able to spend the day in contact with other people. Now, does social networks bring people together or distance them? Well, it is difficult to see a group of people anywhere having a conversation or enjoying time together without being able to keep an eye on their cell phones to verify that they do not have any interaction to discover or that no one has updated their profile while they lose leisure time with their loved ones, time they will never get back.

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