How to create digital assets very easily

Creating digital assets has never been easier! Learn the essentials to become a professional designer or producer and start creating assets.
Cómo crear activos digitales muy fácilmente

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What do you have to do to create digital assets? What are the steps to produce high-quality digital assets? What mistakes is important to avoid?

Building digital assets is today a crucial and basic task for designers and producers of all types and industries.

You may need to create and adapt graphic elements for a website, email newsletters, graphic advertisements, video animations, application design, and much more… there is a service for that. what is Envato Elements.

Envato Elements is a service that gives you access to thousands of ready-to-use digital assets for just € 14.50 per month. Here you can find resources of all kinds to use in your own projects and those of others.

But when it comes to genuinely building a digital asset… how do you go about creating and adapting assets for digital use? To do this, you can start by following these four simple steps:

Understand the essential

The first step in the professional creation of digital assets process is to understand the essentials of design. From a functional perspective - adjusting the correct color settings or the proper number of digital pixels per inch.

But it's also important to understand how to export digital formats and adhere to best practices.

Follow the styles of the brand

Each project must specifically conform to digital guidelines established by the brand.

If you start from existing styles already available, then the guidelines can be learned much more quickly. However, if it is a creation from scratch, first it will be very necessary to fully analyze the requirements and details, to consider in advance all the limitations that may arise.

Test your prototypes

Instead of creating your digital assets with an end in mind, try to diversify your tests both in platforms, as in resolution, devices, etc.

It's a fact: we live in an ever-changing and effervescent world, that's the powerful reason why staying current is so important for everyone, but especially for designers and producers of digital assets.

Get organized

Your assets need to align with a unified identity that better communicates the core brand. It's about understanding the systems and processes for the project you are going to work on.

If you only come with the basics, you won't be ready to build higher quality items.

Understand the deliverables

The amount of preparation your project is going to have will depend on its characteristics. Verifying the configuration of the files to pass between one another is important to clearly understand the results.

make questions

If someone asks you to create a display ad, there are several priority points that you should know, such as the creative size, the minimum and maximum weight allowed, the dimensions ... since each platform has its special characteristics.

Don't be put off by this in the beginning. With a follow-up of a few hours, it will be much easier for you to avoid challenges and overcome obstacles correctly in each and every one of your projects.

Other ways to do it easily

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