How to register a web domain in less than 10 minutes

Are you interested in knowing how much a domain costs and do you want to know where to register one? In this post I reveal all the secrets to choose a cheap and quality one.
dónde comprar un dominio web

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Registering a web domain is quick and easy, but for a newcomer it may seem like something from another world. It is not difficult at all, and in this article I show you that anyone can do it without any problem.

«How to have a domain on the Internet?«,«How much does it cost to register a web domain? "," What is a hosting? "

These are just some of the many questions that all of us can think of the first time we stand in front of the computer with the intention of buying a web domain.

We do a quick search on the internet and it doesn't take long to realize that there are many companies that sell domains, but having not tried them before, it is difficult for us to know which is the best option for us.

This is an important decision and we don't want to go wrong with our choice, so how do we know which one is the best for us?

As an expert in web projects I will share with you all the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years and you will quickly have a general idea about what it is essential to know for a newbie about domains.

It doesn't matter if you live in Spain, Mexico or any other country. Next I will reveal to you, in a clear and simple way, everything you need to know about Internet domains so that you can register it without difficulty from anywhere in the world.

You will know:

  • What is the average price of a web domain in 2017.
  • What is the best company to register a .com domain for less than € 11.
  • How to register your first domain step by step in less than 5 minutes.

If you want to go to the immediate search for your web domain, just click here.

Many people are interested in starting a web project on the Internet, but having never done it before, they do not know where to start.

My intention is to help you with this task, so below I will tell you the secrets based on my personal experience to select the best provider for your page and I will tell you about the different prices that a web domain can have.

Don't panic, I won't go too far on technicalities or use complicated words. I will try to make it as short as it is explanatory so that anyone can understand it.

In this article I will reveal the most profitable option to create a complete web project from scratch for a year for less than € 50. I will teach you how to save when buying a web domain with the best hosting plan so that it meets your needs when starting without this meaning that, if your project begins to grow, its resources will fall short in a short time.

The essential things you should know:

  • For any serious project it is advisable to use the ending .com
  • It is almost impossible to get a free .com domain
  • The domains are renewed every year. That is, if you buy it today, you will have to pay again within a year, unless you decide not to renew.
  • If you plan to build a website, you will also need hosting. I will tell you about this below.
  • Forget about Wix and the rest of the platforms. 98 % of the self-managed pages use WordPress, which is neither more nor less than the best free content manager today.

How much does a web domain cost?

Domains usually cost between $ 8 and $ 15 a year (which is usually between € 8 and € 13), although normally I know a way to get a .com domain for less € 10 year.

Although we must bear in mind that, in addition to a domain, we will also need a hosting. Paying a hosting allows us to use a company server (a computer) to place our page and make it available on the Internet, which usually costs about € 18 the first year, although then the price may go up, so we will have a year to decide if it is worth renovating.

To start we can choose a Shared Hosting (a shared server), which offers us enough features that to get started come in handy. However, if you need it, we can change to another plan very easily just by contacting your technical service.

We find different Shared Hosting plans, this is what I recommend:

  • The option Professional shared server is the most popular. It will be good for us to take our first steps and that we do not fall short in a short time.
    If we choose the plan Professional We can add more domains in the future at no extra cost other than the domain itself.
    That is, we can create up to 10 websites without having to pay more hosting.
  • I do not recommend the option Value for a business, since its limitations are considerably high in relation to its price. Only recommended for very small purposes, such as academic projects or as a personal blog.

To access more information about the Shared Hosting, you can click here.

Where to buy a domain?

After a long experience in the purchase of domains, I can say that, although there are countless providers of domains and hosting, the leading companies in the market are only a few.

However, here I will tell you about my favorite company and the one that is offering me the best results. If you want fast, reliable, stable service with a great technical support team, then Namecheap is the solution you are looking for.

Registering a web domain is very simple

Click to check if the domain you want is available

It is important to bear in mind that everything depends on the type of activity that we are going to carry out. Starting with a small personal project is not the same as creating your company's website.

Whether you are an individual, an entrepreneur or a businessman, at Namecheap you will find alternatives for any type of activity, also having high standards of safety and innovation.

Why do I recommend Namecheap to everyone who asks me?

There are several requirements that I always demand as a consumer. I like to receive a service that has minimum quality standards, personalized attention, effective solutions and at a competitive price.

Perfect to start!

I remember when I started in this web page thing that I had no idea about anything. I spent several days going over and over each company trying to find the best solution for me.

After a long search I realized that being a newbie, it was not necessary to start with too big a plan, but I did not want to settle for one that soon fell short.

The conclusion is that starting with a Shared Hosting is a good option in most cases, since with its resources we will be left over for a long time.

High quality

Your website image is something I pay a lot of attention to when it comes to online business.

The Namecheap website is intuitive and very functional. Once we register our account, we can access our Dashboard where the domains and hosting plans that we have contracted will appear, as well as access other settings.

In addition, it is all very simple to do. We just have to find that our domain is available and add it to the cart to proceed with the payment. (Below I explain how to register a domain and hosting in a very simple way.).

Unlike other domain and hosting providers, Namecheap offers a friendly and modern image that invites you to give it a try.

Exceptional technical service

Of the few times that I have had to contact the technical support team, the result has been extraordinary.

If you have any questions or problems, you just have to start a chat on their own website and you will receive a friendly and complete response to what you ask them.

If it is something more specific, we can also open a ticket for a specialist to help us.


The truth is that almost everything on Namecheap is instantaneous.

Shortly after completing the order you will be able to have it fully operational. In general, it is a company that works very well in this regard, since there are others where waiting times are usually longer.

In addition to the technical aspect, the speed is also noticeable when contacting customer service, since it does not matter what day or time it is, they always respond very quickly.

Very attractive price

Without a doubt, this is something that worries me a lot.

I don't want to pay too much for something I don't need, but I wouldn't mind paying a little more if it works for me. Today the prices it offers are very competitive compared to other companies. If you are looking for an affordable but good quality way, at Namecheap we can find domains and hosting plans at very good prices.

You can start setting up your first blog for less than 100me preoc € the first year.



The truth is that it is not a problem unless you do not know English.

Luckily, most of the things you will be able to configure in your control panel. It is all very simple, so on few occasions it is necessary to contact the technical service. Maybe if you want to change your plan or solve a specific problem.

In general, this should not be an obstacle, since this has nothing to do with your blog. When you install WordPress or any other CMS you can select Spanish as the language.

Step by step: how to buy a web domain?

It offers domains at a very good price and its quality is usually remarkable.

Their prices are usually below $11 for domains ending in .com, but without a doubt, their biggest attraction is that when you hire a domain they give you one year of free WhoisGuard service, so that your personal data cannot be seen by anyone.

Buying a domain on Namecheap is really easy. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Once we know which domain name we are going to register, we must write it in the search box that appears as soon as we enter the website of Namecheap.
    It is advisable to have more than one alternative, since it is likely that the one you have thought about has already been taken by someone else. Sometimes you have to have a little patience.  
  2. When we do the search, the following will appear.
    We only have to choose the one that interests us (in this case, and except for very specific cases, it is always better to take the .com).
    To continue we click on the cart and to continue click on View Cart.  
  3. The next step is very simple.
    I recommend leaving it as is, since they are offering us one year of service WhoisGuard free and the truth is that it is very useful.
    We click on Confirm Order.
  4. After this, we must enter our account data, or create one quickly.
    If we choose to register a new account, we just have to check the confirmation email that comes to your email.

Once we have followed these simple steps we will receive an email with all the information. They will send you your access data and your accreditation so that you can start taking the first steps on your website.

Almost everything is usually configured to be register and use, so if everything went well, once you confirm your registration you can be enjoying your new project in a few minutes.

Good luck on your adventure!

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