How to learn English once and for all

Have you been trying to learn English for years but at the moment of truth you are never able to communicate in that language? I have the solution and I share it with you.
Cómo aprender inglés

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"The limits of my language are the limits of my mind." - Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Have you been trying to learn English for literally years but feel like you are getting almost no results? What is the best thing we can do to "listen" and gain fluency when it comes to expressing ourselves in English? Is there anything we can do to speed up the learning process and start communicating with you in the language of Shakespeare?

Today we live in a globalized society, connected to everything and everyone, this includes different parts of the world with different cultures and different languages.

That is why we are required to have a series of language skills and abilities, not only at a professional level but also at a personal level.

Yes, you have read ben, on a personal level, since we are social people and in some circumstances we need to communicate with other people who do not speak our language, therefore it is very important to master the universal language, English.

Why can you master English now?

At some point or moments in our life we may find ourselves with the need to master this language, either in a job interview to get that job we have dreamed of so much.

But there are many situations in which it can be very useful to know how to speak English fluently, for example, to communicate something to someone from another place, when we go on a trip and want to ask some direction or some aspect of that place, or when Some tourist approaches us to ask us a question and we want to give him an adequate answer.

It is these kinds of situations in which we stop to think about how to "translate" what we want to say and, desperately, we try to draw on some knowledge we learned in school. It is here when we realize how necessary it is to know English and what makes life easier for us, being able to communicate with anyone at any time and place.

Immediate benefits of learning English

Obligations and duties are the order of the day for everyone.

We are very busy with work, children, shopping, running errands, making time for friends, visiting family, etc., so we all want to discover the easiest and fastest way to learn English. However, this is not learned overnight since it requires technique, practice and above all and most importantly, perseverance.

We've all seen offers on miracle courses and academies that promise to teach you English in two weeks or less with little or no effort.

Let me tell you, this doesn't work that way, since learning a language takes time and constant practice. Things are not achieved overnight and learning English less, since it consists of a learning process.

Learning a new language will help you to improve your professional career but also to better enjoy your travels, interact with people from other countries and take advantage of the world in a different way.

The benefits of learning a second language include numerous benefits such as brain growth and plasticity, postponing dementia, increased empathy and improves social skills, stimulates memory, improves attention and memory capacity.

Among the many benefits it provides, we can find others such as:

Greater professionalism and a better resume

English is the most widely used language at conferences and at airports.

You will be able to make international business trips taking advantage of this communication capacity with the people of the countries you visit. Keep in mind that what companies value the most is knowledge of languages, so you can show off your CV with your knowledge of English, even conduct interviews in the same language. You will be able to attract more business opportunities to you or your company if you are able to communicate easily with international clients.


When it comes to climbing the job peak, you can do it more easily if you speak more than one language and can easily communicate with networks abroad.

When your boss thinks of the most suitable person to carry out that high-ranking position, he will automatically think of someone who can perform different tasks without any type of obstacle such as language.

You will become more indispensable if you are the only one who speaks that language for meetings or contracts with abroad.

Work where you dream

If you were offered the job opportunity of your life elsewhere, now you can say yes, without thinking.

You will be able to compete for jobs abroad. Say "hello" to that raise and that new house, since now you can get around anywhere without any difficulty.

It does not have to be definitive, since although it is something temporary, it will undoubtedly be something that will ensure you new personal and professional experiences, which will be a very positive point in your vital and work record.

Greater knowledge of the world

If you know more than one language, you have the ability to be aware of the news that happens in each country in all areas: science, business, society, culture and others.

It will allow you to attend conferences, watch documentaries and read books of famous people and learn many new things. You will be able to understand specific terms and theories on different subjects by listening, viewing or reading publications in a direct way and without going through the translator.

Your brain expands and prevents diseases

The better you learn, the more areas of the brain grow. The fact that the brain areas of language are increased is a reality as a result of the knowledge of a second language. Also, once you learn a second language, it will be easier for you to learn others.

Regarding diseases that affect the brain such as Alzheimer's, knowing another language can delay the disorder for up to five years, according to various studies.

The best medicine for this dementia is the effect of learning another language due to its multiple mental benefits.

The memory is worked in a very compact way. People who speak more than one language are more effective at mental math, reading, writing, and other cognitive skills.

In this way, bilingual people have the ability to change from one task to another given that they have greater mental flexibility that allows them to adapt to unexpected circumstances.

Listening skills are also increased, as the brain has to work harder to distinguish the different types of sounds in two or more languages.

Make the most of your trips

You will be able to learn more about its culture, customs and traditions if you are traveling abroad.

You will become more independent, as you will gain confidence with yourself and with the others with whom you communicate. Knowing another language and customs will also allow you to understand yours in a better way and will make it possible for you to face possible problems in a better way.

In addition, being able to read or watch news from another country will allow you to analyze it from another perspective. By having a different impression of your trip you will also experience some other great adventure. With a good knowledge of languages you will return home with many exciting memories of that adventure.

? The only method to definitely learn English

As we have mentioned previously, learning English is not something that is achieved in a day, but it requires your time and desire to acquire this language.

There are people who are easier than others when it comes to learning a new language. Still, remember that anything is possible with commitment and perseverance.

It is important to know that the attitude with which we face new challenges determines the result, so always stay positive and motivated before this opportunity to know.

Here are a series of tips so that you can learn English and master this new language more easily and fluently in any type of situation.

Increase your vocabulary

The broader and more extensive your vocabulary, the easier it will be for you to speak English.

When you have learned a new word or phrase, you should use it in a sentence. This will be the best way to store it in memory. A simple trick to acquire new words is to make labels of the objects that we have at home and we use daily, stick them and see them each time we use them. Every time you use the water drainer, toothbrush, remote control, or just look in the mirror, you will see the English word for that item.

The dictionary as your best friend

Carry a dictionary with you at all times (either on paper or a mobile application).

This way, you will never get stuck for a word. It will save you from a hurry if you have to speak to a native speaker and forget a word. Looking up the word you need in the dictionary and using it immediately in a sentence will help you memorize it.

It is also very handy to have a dictionary close by to browse throughout the day. When you are alone, when you are waiting for the bus or having a coffee.

Sign up for English classes

It is true that you can practice English on your own, however attending class will help you maintain the consistency of the study and guide you in your process.

It is always better to have an expert to guide us, explain things to us and solve doubts. Attending classes will be a great way to focus on the more formal aspects of spoken English.

In a class you will learn the correct grammatical form to speak, that is, the correct sentence structure, the conjugation of verbs, but in general it will be a very structured approach to learning languages.

You will also meet other people who are also learning like you, which will facilitate learning while motivating you and relating to others.

Speak a little English every day

The best way to learn any language is to speak it.

Speaking English with another person will be the fastest and most effective method to improve, you will be surprised how quickly your level will improve.

Do language exchanges, find a native speaker willing to talk to you. You could offer him a language experience, where he or she will spend 30 minutes speaking English with you and you will spend 30 minutes speaking in your native language.

There are many groups of people who stay a few days a week to do these exchanges. Do not be afraid to be wrong or pronounce wrong, go ahead and attend these types of meetings, since they are an extraordinary tool for learning the language.

You can also meet incredible people who will contribute and teach you a lot of new things.

A trick that can work very well for you to learn easy English is to ask your partner, family, a friend, or a coworker, to commit to speaking in English with you every day.

Series and films

What better way to learn English than to enjoy a good series or an interesting movie?

Try to choose the movies and TV shows that you like so that the exercise will be more enjoyable. Choose movies and shows that you are already familiar with. If you already know the basic plot, you will see that it will be much easier to learn the language.

Try to avoid subtitles, unless they are in English.

Other ways to do it easily

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