How to be more sociable: the secret to boost your social skills now

Do you think you have problems relating to others? Believe it or not, with a few simple steps you will become a very sociable person indeed.
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Do you want to leave your shyness behind and look for new ways to be more sociable? Do you want to chat with new people but you freeze when the moment of truth arrives? How can we promote our social well-being to convey exactly the image of ourselves that we want to communicate?

Today, society requires us to have a series of things or materials, it may well be a car, a mobile, a computer, etc.

But it also asks us to have a series of techniques and tools to communicate with others, meeting new people and being bold in social situations, so for this we must have the skills of sociable people.

Among the characteristics of sociable people we find spontaneity, joy, intensity and motivation when carrying out actions, self-confidence and fun to transmit to others and create a pleasant environment by establishing pleasant relationships with others.

However, although it may seem that people are sociable by nature, the truth is that this is not always the case.

Being sociable is a skill like any other such as climbing a rope and to develop it it is necessary to train it.

If one day we get up in the morning and decide to run 5 kilometers, the first day we may not succeed but if we train daily by running a few kilometers at a time, there will come a time when we will be able to do it.

Exactly the same happens with being more sociable, if we start little by little to put into practice a series of skills, we will finally be able to get out of the comfort zone and develop that social facet, overcoming those fears that sometimes hold us back.

People with sociability problems have difficulty managing situations where they must cope with your own insecurity and shyness, they face social situations with fear and anguish that can be observed in the way of speaking or moving through non-verbal language.

These types of people have two main sources that cause their conflict; on the one hand, they have poor self-esteem that they do not know how to overcome, as well as low self-confidence, which is why they act through fear. On the other hand, the lack of social skills means that they do not know what to say, how to behave, how to address someone or what to do, so this paralyzes them when interacting with others.

How sociable are you?

To start working on your sociability, you must first discover the degree of socialization you have and see where you are,

  • Although you are in the first one in which you have a phobia of people and establish some type of contact with them.
  • If you find yourself in the middle where are you able to carry on a conversation for a short period of time because your batteries immediately drain.
  • Or if you are at the top of the pyramid and you are a legend who was born to interact with others.

Let's start from the bottom up.

  1. The first step. Nobody takes you out of the house, you lock yourself in your microecosystem and you don't get out of there no matter what happens. The world can end, you have no intention of leaving those four walls.
  2. The second step. You leave home because it is necessary but if it were not like that you would save it. You move to go to work, school, etc. You try to go unnoticed by lowering your head and hoping that everything will pass quickly.
  3. Third step. You go out to the street occasionally and by keeping your distance, you avoid physical contact.
  4. Fourth step. You have your group of friends, and you go to places even though they know that you are shy and any type of social situation makes you alert.
  5. The fifth step. Here we are on the meridian of the pyramid. You have a social life and you leave the house frequently, you act in a normal way until you are introduced to someone of the opposite sex and that is when you enter into lockdown. Your battery runs out and you go into saving mode, making it difficult for you not to stutter or say more than two sentences in a row.
  6. The sixth step. You are not the alma mater of the party but you have a series of social skills that allow you to have a correct and harmonious social treatment. You do not have a special relevant influence but you are present.
  7. The seventh step. You have your group of friends, you are friendly and you are able to bring fun to the group. You can meet new people and even flirt, but nothing more. When it comes to acting, you change gear and go backwards.
  8. The eighth step. You have enough security and confidence to function successfully in various social interactions, meet a new entity and seduce her with your attraction skills.
  9. The ninth step. You always like you, you are popular and people know you. They are interested in talking to you because you transmit positive energy and that is why you are always invited to all the events that are organized.
  10. The tenth step. We have reached the top of the mountain. From here everyone can see you, get closer to you. If you don't go to the party, the party goes to you. You are known for your way of being showing your innate power of seduction. Social is in your blood and you connect with everyone.

Now, in addition to train our emotional intelligenceWhat can we do to easily approach the 10th step?

How to be a more sociable person: 12 express steps to become a more sociable person

Being a more sociable person is not something that is achieved overnight, but requires time for practice, action and facing the fears that appear in our head and only serve to immobilize us and make us feel bad.

Decide to develop your social skills

Take your potential for a walk to create constructive relationships with others and allow others to enjoy your company. Be patient and start by making conversations with people you know little or just don't, go out with groups of friends and allow yourself to open up to interact with new people. You never know what a simple "hello" can turn into.

Look at the eyes

Maintaining eye contact is very important, since through the look a lot is transmitted and manifests the security and confidence with oneself. When you speak and they do not look at you, it is an indication that that person is not interested in the conversation or that they are bored.

Start by taking small steps

When you enter a place greet others and try to start a simple conversation with someone. You can start by talking about routine topics such as traffic or the weather and when you are more confident you can talk about deeper things. In this way you will be motivating yourself to keep moving forward.

Join the people

If you are at work or school and you are in the break, go with people to eat or wherever they go, so you can start building relationships with others and start doing activities with the group.

Share your likes

Start moving around and find people who have the same tastes and hobbies as you. In that environment it is easier to meet real friends with whom you can enjoy doing what you like the most.

Don't get frustrated if a conversation doesn't end as you expected

The best thing you can do is jump into social relationships without expectations. Losing fear does not mean that everything turns out as we would like it to be, you must bear in mind that each person is different and may have their personal problems or conflicts that we do not know about. Don't be discouraged by it and keep showing yourself to others by focusing on the positive you are getting.

Invite and plan with others

Don't expect a meeting or event near you to socialize. Organize an outing or a plan with people that allows you to have a pleasant time and leaves the feeling of wanting to repeat.

Commit to other people

Try to commit to others and yourself, that is, if you agree on a time, try to be punctual. Tardiness is a negative sign that the person or people who are waiting do not always have to accept it. Control the time to arrive at the agreed time without rushing or racing.

Assimilate that unforeseen events exist

Multiple situations can happen that make you cancel an appointment. If it is unavoidable and you have no choice but to cancel it, try to offer other options of days to carry out that outing. This way you will show interest in spending time with people.

Pay special attention to your appearance

The first step to be more sociable and open up to people is that you gain confidence and security in yourself, for this you must be satisfied with yourself. Personal care is very important to feel good. Self-confident people have a positive attitude that is reflected from the inside out. To be good with others you must feel good about yourself.

Smile whenever someone looks at you

Smiling is a very important aspect of your non-verbal language. Showing a positive and open attitude creates a warm and comfortable climate that attracts others. Smiling makes you have a good image and you please others by showing sympathy. Start by taking care of your smile. If you like your smile, you will share it more naturally.

Don't think too much about how you should act

Thinking excessively causes you to not enjoy others. If you are spontaneous and natural, it will help you to be yourself and overcome the fear of ridicule. Remember that the main thing is that you feel good.

Other ways to do it easily

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