How to get used to a new city

Are you waiting for a change of scenery and do you want to face it with the best possible attitude? With these simple tips you will be able to reduce the stress and anxiety typical of moving to a new place and you will be able to transform your experience into something enriching and unique.
Cómo acostumbrarse a una nueva ciudad

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Are you thinking of giving your life a U-turn and would you like to anticipate what is going to happen? Have you just experienced a city change and would like to get used to it quickly? What to do when you travel to a new destination and have no idea how to spend your time?

You are what is inside your mind.

When we face a move or a change of address in a new city, we go through a series of stages that start from the moment we are aware of the change that is coming.

Whether you are moving for pleasure or for a new job, moving to another city can be traumatic if we do it while ignoring certain points.

Take on this new challenge that life offers you and take the opportunity to present yourself to it with your most optimized version.

Go ahead!

It may seem obvious, but the first step to living a true adventure is to go looking for it.

Maybe you are looking for new career opportunities or you just want a little personal growth. Be that as it may, the main thing is to enter the novelty.

Everything may turn in your favor or everything may suddenly go against you, but in any case, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Just make sure you prepare the essentials to get started, as spending too much time is just one way to find more and more reasons that block you from your goal.

Watch and learn

They usually say that wherever you go, do what you see, and when living a new adventure this is more true than ever.

If you move to a new place, it is completely natural that you feel like a visitor from another planet.

This happens especially at the beginning and, although you will remain the same person, little by little you will assimilate what at first seemed strange to you as something natural.

Try to pay attention to what and how things are done in that place so that you can learn to be someone better thanks to your experience in that new place.

What can you do? Observe how you can adapt to the environment around you. For example, if you like pasta and you travel to Rome, you can think about learning how to prepare this type of food. Or if you travel to the Balearic Islands it may be because you love the water and then, perhaps, you can try to learn some fun water sports.

An extraordinary trick is to search for information on the Internet about our next destination, you just have to type in Google what interests you followed by the name of the city, in our case, either "best restaurants in Rome" or "Kitesurfing Mallorca".

This way you can get a closer idea of the most popular culture, customs or activities in your new city.

Lower your expectations to 0

Many times we have a precept imposed by our mind about how things are and how they should be.

Surely you can already visualize yourself in front of that new place: the people, the lighting, the architecture of the buildings or the climate ... they are only in your mind!

Some assumptions may be true, like it is a hot or rainy place, but… the remaining 90 % is pure cover!

Focus on the following: Your future can take any shape, even one that terrifies you.

The key to integrating correctly is understanding that your fears almost never come true. Only when you eliminate all your expectations, is when you are able to see something positive in everything.

Get it wrong as fast as you can

Perhaps you are afraid to speak a language or a different one or to go live in a place where you do not know anyone.

I can guarantee you that 100 % of people who faced a change like yours also had that feeling in their mind. And now that you know, you can use it to your advantage.

A change forces you to do almost everything in a different way, but do you know what is the best way to learn?

Make a mistake.

Just like when we learn to walk, we only get it after falling a few times ... but do you know someone who can't walk because they couldn't learn?

Kids are super smart!

Look at what they do: they fall as many times as they get up, every time they get up faster and every time they fall fewer times ... Does it seem logical to you why you have to make a mistake?

Get used to the constant questions

Be clear that uncertainty will arise whenever you travel to another destination.

There are people who see this as the real reason to travel, while for others this feeling becomes the blocking brake on the expansion of their own horizons.

The truth is that when you settle in and adjust, it won't take long for most worries to begin to dissipate… However, this can't get you down!

Even if years go by, there will always be new things to discover, as there are always fascinating experiences that will be there for you to discover.

Keep the link with your past

Your new adventure may fool you so that you lose all connection with the previous stage of your life.

Think that you are leaving behind people who love you, like your friends or your family, who like to know about you.

In short, moving your life to a new city only depends on your will to transform it into a wonderful, enriching experience that makes you a better person.

Anyway, if you tend to keep your emotional ties with your environment healthy, it will surely be easier for you to keep them from anywhere on the planet.

It is clear that to take the first step, you just have to take the first step; that by paying attention we are all capable of learning anything; that if you erase your expectations, anything is possible; that uncertainty is not always bad and that the past always returns.

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