How to play Texas Holdem and other popular games

Are you interested in learning how to play one of the most popular games of yesterday and today? Find out all about Texas Holdem and other famous table games.
Cómo jugar al póker

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Do you want to discover new games to pass the time? Or learn more about board or card games that have always caught your eye?

Today you can learn practically everything, and the best thing is that it can be done through the internet, reading articles like this one. Games are no exception, and although it takes a lot of practice and patience to be the most skilled, you can learn to play any game by following the steps indicated.

How to play poker

Although there are some peculiarities within poker, the one known as poker texas holdem It is the most standardized version of this mental sport. Playing is very simple, you have to get the best combination with the two cards you have in your hand and the five that are on the table.

The deck that is used has 52 cards and it is best to choose to play with two decks that have a different color on the back. The king, queen and jack have the highest value, and the suits have the same value in all plays.

First, one player makes a bet and the other participants can make a bet up to three times higher. Some bets are compulsory, known as blinds, and will have to be made by players on both sides of the person dealing the cards: there are two, the small blind and the big blind. After the blinds are made, each player will receive two cards that will be face down on the table and there will also be five cards face up in the center of the table. These cards are known as community cards, since they belong to all players. Each player will have to get the best score between the cards they have and the cards in the center of the table, being able to choose if they want to use both, one or neither of the two that they have in their hand.

The player to the left of the big blind will have to choose between: fold, stop playing; call, call the amount of the big blind; or bet, raise a small bet. This will have to be done by all players, until they contribute the same amount of money to the pot. If a player raises and neither wants to call, win the hand.

Those who continue playing will be able to see the first three community cards, and continue making another round of betting in which each player can check or bet an amount smaller than the pot. Players who continue playing will be able to see the fourth community card and make another round, but this time the bets will be double the value. The players who have decided to continue playing will see the fifth community card and make a bet like the previous one: afterwards, they will show their cards and the player with the highest combination will win.

How to play Monopoly

Cómo jugar al Monopoly

A traditional game in which there must be between two and eight players and one person must be chosen as the banker. Each player will have a token with which to move around the board and $ 1,500. You have to roll the dice to move the token around the board and if the dice are double, roll it again. Each box has a meaning: for example, houses to buy, houses to pay rent, receive money or go to jail. The objective of the game is to buy all the properties that you can and get the most money. In Monopoly there is no fixed end point: you can play for a certain time and whoever wins the most money or properties, or can the person win that you still have money and are not bankrupt.

How to play Goose

This game is even simpler, and it also consists of moving a tile on the board. The goal is to get to the Garden of the Goose square, but some squares can cause players to fall back almost to the beginning of the board, so they will have to roll several times to catch up with the rest of the players. Among the special squares, the following stand out: squares with a bridge, jump to square nineteen and lose the turn; box of the well, the dice cannot be rolled again until another player passes through this box; jail space, the player who lands on this space will have to spend two turns without rolling; Labyrinth box, you have to go back to box number 30; and worst of all, the skull square, which makes the player have to return to the starting square.

To make the game a bit shorter, some players prefer to play with two dice. Whether with one or two, everything is decided at the end, since to enter the Garden of the Goose, the last square, you have to draw the exact number or go back as many squares as there are remaining points, which can give time for the players who have fallen into the skull have the possibility of reaching the end and even so that these, who seemed to lose the game, end up being the winners. A perfect game for those who do not enjoy sports and prefer another type of adrenaline.

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