How to prepare a weekend camping

These are the keys that will help you prepare your camping trip and the guidelines so that everything turns out better than you expect.
Cómo preparar un camping

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Are you going camping and want to prepare it so that everything turns out perfect? Do you want to know the most effective tricks to take your weekend getaway to the next level? What are the resources that you should take, yes or yes, to any camping trip?

Preparing a campsite can become a more difficult task than organizing your own summer vacation.

Many believe that the real trick is to bring the less things the better, but others want to have every last resort to make their camping days a true luxury.

The best thing, without any doubt, is to prepare a list of objectives for your trip, and use them as a basis to discover what we will need to make them come true.

The keys to organizing the best campsite of your life

Always keep in mind who will accompany you

If you have already decided that you want to live an adventure and you think that the best option is to spend one or several nights camping, a crucial point is in the companions.

If you go with your family, friends or with children, you will have to take care of adapting everything to their needs.

List of necessary things

The lists are great. Even when preparing everything for your next camping trip. In it you can include everything that you consider essential and you will avoid carrying things that you will not need.

The recommendation is to pack as few packages as possible, so keep the above in mind when packing your luggage.

How long will you be and where will you sleep

If you overlook this, you might have a hard time on your camping night.

Remember that it is not the same to sleep in a cabin, than in a tent or in a sleeping bag outdoors.

Do not forget about leisure

Although many people resort to camping with a means to get out of the routine and disconnect, it is also true that we have to think about what activities we are going to do to have fun.

While some people prefer to opt for the classics, such as board games or field trips, there are also others who choose to consume multimedia content.

Today there are many options to watch movies or listen to music without Internet with which you can enjoy videos and songs without the need for a connection.


Recharge the batteries

Today we can find mobile phones with long-lasting batteries.
But even if you have them, it never hurts to take a little extra precaution.

You can carry a PowerBank or an additional set of batteries and batteries, as well as a solar charger.

Use a paper map

Although your smartphone probably already has a GPS, the truth is that nothing is as reliable as a real map. In this way you can always orient yourself, even when your GPS turns off or when your mobile loses coverage.

Make sure you have chosen the right place

It is important that you make sure that the area where you are going to spend the night is in conditions to be able to camp.

There are also areas where you need to make a reservation in advance. In any case, try to make sure of all your responsibilities before accessing your destination for the weekend.

Bring the correct amount of food

Your menu should include breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a snack between meals. Also, most important of all: make sure you bring enough drinking water for everyone.

Just buy and transport the food that you know will be consumed during your getaway. Avoid refrigerated foods, as well as those that take up space (1-liter cans of ketchup or mayonnaise are best left at home). Instead try to choose the products in individual format.

Sometimes it is best to avoid perishable items, such as cheese, chicken, or milk, as they can spoil and make someone feel bad.
Instead, replace them with fruit, snacks, or cans.

In the end, the best food for camping are those, like tortillas or cheese, that you can put between two pieces of bread.

Includes a first aid kit

Many times we cannot have insurance if what we want is to spend a few days camping.

However, it is always a good idea to have a first aid kit, especially if one of your companions has allergies or is under medical treatment.

Leave a written copy with itinerary

You can write the route on a piece of paper, as this is useful both to prepare your own route, as well as to leave a copy at home or give it to someone you trust so that they can help you if you need it.

Other ways to do it easily

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