How to access SAE Conalep

Accessing SAE Conalep is really easy. Discover here the steps you must follow and everything you can achieve by accessing this system!
Cómo acceder al SAE Conalep

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Are you a student, former student or teacher at any of the Conalep campuses? Looking for a simple way to understand the ways to access the SAE portal? Where to find a detailed and simple guide to access this system?

SAE Conalep is the student portal where you can find all the information about professional practices, social service, formats for school procedures, and degrees and scholarships.

Through Conalep you can access the results quickly and easily. Within the Conalep educational system you can find all the details about the student's development.

Although you can access a a guide to access the SAE Conalep complete, if you continue reading you will learn the essentials to access Conalep.

What is the Conalep system really?

Conalep is an educational system run by the government to convert students into professionals from different branches and disciplines.

To access Conalep you only need to access the section dedicated to Conalep within the federal government portal. Use your registration to prove your status as a student. This is your password on the first access.

Links of interest section

Here you have access to a section of useful links as well as all the platforms available to consult information. Among the links of interest, you will find: email, Conalep regulations, active calls, surveys ...

Scholarships section

All the information related to the scholarships currently available have their own section within the Conalep system. Here you can check the list of scholarships available.

Documents section

In the Documents section you can access and consult all the courses that you are taking or that you have already completed previously. Simply choose a period and a module to see all the information. This section is useful for consulting information on the course's head professor, group number and other information of interest about the training.

Re-registration section

The re-enrollment section has all the resources you will need to re-enroll in the Conalep system. Here you can access the re-enrollment manual with a single click.

Academic monitoring section

In this section you can check which are the modules taken in previous semesters and you can select one to see specific information.

What should I know yes or yes before accessing CONALEP?

The educational institution Conalep depends on the federal state and has 208 campuses spread throughout the territory of the Mexican Republic. You can access the SAE from anywhere in the republic where you are.

Conalep is a user-friendly portal where you can complete any procedure with the need to have your registration number that allows you to access the system for the first time. After the first access, the system will ask you to set a new secure password.

When you are registered in SAE - you have accessed for the first time and have configured a new password, you will already have access to all the functionalities of the platform.

If you notice that the SAE portal is failing or working slowly, you should remember that it is a system accessed by thousands of students at all hours, which can sometimes cause it to work with little fluency.

A suggestion against these points is to check your internet connection and make sure you have your credentials as a student at hand.


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