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Are you looking for a job that allows you to have a decent life? There are many ways to earn money and working is one of the best.
Cómo encontrar trabajo

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The key to being successful is differentiating yourself from others.

Have you been looking for a job for months? Have you sent your resume to hundreds of job applications without getting any results? What can you do to get a good job regardless of your training or experience?

Thousands of people are currently unemployed. An even more painful figure because behind its magnitude hide friends, family or acquaintances, each with a story and a process of overcoming.

In such a depressed and competitive work environment, training and experience are no longer sufficient to find employment.

The key to being successful is clear: stand out as you are among the rest.

7 keys to finding a job quickly

Now comes the star question How? With perseverance, a lot of patience and following some simple tips that will help you achieve our goal.

1. Look for opportunities on the net

Do an online search. Many of the companies advertise available vacancies on job search websites or even their own websites.

You can also use job search platforms to broaden your exploration. You can do this by entering keywords and on popular sites like Indeed, Jobs.com, TheLadders, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.

2. Create your own company

Unlike a few years ago, where building your own business project was full of obstacles and adversities that only a good handful of money could overcome, now the situation has taken a 180º turn.

Starting a business has never been so easy. With the arrival of the internet, the field of telecommunications has opened a new spectrum where only your talent is necessary to be able to work.

If you think you have an innate vocation or, simply, you are a normal person looking for a different but effective way to earn a living, you should know that there are already many people earning good soil every month through monetization your own website or by uploading videos to your YouTube channel.

Starting a business in 2017 is a much faster, easier and cheaper process than a few years ago.

3. Learn to communicate correctly

We all talk and communicate, but most of us have a lot of room for improvement, especially when it comes to a job interview.

Social skills and the ability to express yourself are decisive in a job interview. Knowing how to transmit and connect with the interlocutor can determine if you get that job. Remember that human resources professionals favor short and precise answers, they do not like emphatic expressions, such as "never" or "never", or fillers, which are a sign of insecurity.

4. Look for motivation where you need it

Motivation is the engine that moves you towards your goal. This is key to face the job interview successfully. Detect those aspects that you like the most about your training. What aspects are you looking for in your new jobs? What are your strengths and how can you get the most out of it?

5. Develop and enhance your personal brand

The personal brand gives you a much greater value as a professional than any CV can give you.

Among the advantages of having a personal brand we can find:

  • Position yourself as an expert in a market area
  • Send a personalized and exclusive message that differentiates you from the rest of the job candidates,
  • Becoming the demand, rather than the supply.

You are no longer just another candidate looking for a job, you are a leader that companies are looking for. You can start building your personal brand on social networks like Linkedin and Twitter, and you can go further by opening a blog or editing YouTube videos related to your work.

6. Take care of your physical appearance

When going to an interview, you have to take into account the dress standards.

Finding out about what is required is important: if you opt for a position in a bank, you will surely be right with a more formal dress, such as a suit, while if the interview is in an advertising agency you should opt for something more relaxed, but never informal.

7. Create your network of contacts

Networking is a way to create connections with people who belong to your professional field, as well as a way to meet new people.

Expose yourself and start communicating with people who can help you find a job. Your friends and family can be very useful in your job search, as they may know of positions that you were not aware of.

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