How to have the best summer with children

Summer vacation is coming and you want to know the best you can do with the kids? Discover all the possibilities offered by the summer stage.
Cómo tener el mejor verano con los niños

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Does the idea of spending six weeks with your children produce dread or delight? How to take advantage of the summer to strengthen bonds with your children? What to do so that the children have fun during the summer season?

Try these fun low-budget tips to make the most of school holidays.

At the end of the summer term, most parents look forward to the long school holidays with mixed feelings. We can't wait to have some quality time with our kids (and not have to jump out of bed at seven o'clock every morning), but we're not naive enough to think we'll get through the summer without a hitch.

While you can join the summer course BYJU'S Future School, taught by former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly. Scott Joseph Kelly is an American engineer, retired astronaut, and naval aviator. A veteran of four space flights, Kelly was in command of the International Space Station on Expeditions 26, 45 and 46. Kelly's first space flight was as a pilot of the Space Shuttle Discovery during STS-103 in December 1999.

East summer course it is much more than learning code and math. It is based on activities with live and real-time instruction that will help your children improve their problem-solving skills, creative thinking, confidence. and communication while having fun.

Also, this course will still allow you to adopt some simple strategies could help you make this summer not only good, but the best of all. That is how…

The ratio of eight to one

Constantly scolding your child into cleaning his teeth / picking up his towel / putting his plate in the dishwasher can be exhausting, for both of you. Instead, make an effort to increase his "nice to annoying ratio."

"Experts suggest we should focus on eight positive things our children do for every negative thing we scold them for," says "happiness expert" Andy Cope, author of the book series Being Brilliant. "Children like to be praised, so keep the ratio of eight to one in mind, as they will want to repeat the behavior that makes them happy."

Plan ahead

After the bustle of the summer term, few of us want to spend our vacations living according to a schedule, but making a plan of the things you would like to do as a family during the holidays will ensure that there is always something to do at a dull moment.

Grab a large sheet of paper and some colored pens and think of possible summer activities with your children. Try to include a mix of free or cheap things, like play dates and craft activities, as well as expensive days away from home. Post it on the refrigerator door and check off activities as you do them, like a summer wish list.

Don't be afraid to spend time at home

"Happiness is much more related to relationships than money," says Andy. "The kids really don't care if you're in Barbados or in the backyard, as long as you're with them."

Stock up on cheap and easy things that will fill your time at home, like pavement chalk, water balloons, and baking ingredients, and don't underestimate the amount of fun that can be had with a large empty box.

Meet up with friends

Granted, it can be difficult to coordinate diaries on school holidays, but organizing a few get-togethers, either with moms from school or with friends that you don't have a chance to see in school term, is a good way to keep your company company. son and you a conversation with adults.

DO NOT count the days until your vacation

We often think that counting the hours you sleep until we go on vacation is a good way to get everyone excited about leaving, but according to Andy, it's a habit that needs to be broken. "When you're counting down, it's like you're saying, 'I have to get these two weeks out of the way, and then I can be happy," he explains. "Teach children to put their happiness in the future, instead of the here and now."

Of course, create the anticipation of going on vacation, but try to do it by talking about what it will be like and what you will do there, rather than counting the days until you leave.

Start a "ready to be"

Many of us are slaves to the to-do list, especially during the holidays, when it can be even more difficult to adapt work and household chores to the family. "Instead of a to-do list, think of your 'to-do list," Andy suggests. "Try to focus less on what you are doing and more on who he is while doing it."

This helps us focus on what is really important. For example, would your child rather have a spotless home but a tired and overwhelmed parent, or a comfortable mess and a parent happy to let go?

Tackle jobs together

Unfortunately, everyday life doesn't stop at school holidays, and some chores need to be done as usual. However, keep in mind that children, especially the little ones, love to be with you, and help you with housework, such as cleaning dust from window sills and storing clothes that are no longer in your closet. , it can be a pleasure.

Take social media with a pinch of salt

One of the dangers of Facebook and Instagram is that you are constantly reminded of how perfect other people's lives are. But try to remember that everyone paints an airbrush picture of their family life on social media, and your friends aren't really having 100 times more fun than you.

"Some families spend tens of thousands of euros on exotic vacations, but then they don't enjoy time together, while other families can take a walk in the park and have the happiest day of their life," says Andy. "Don't compare yourself to other people, but to yourself: are you being the best version of yourself?"

Keep calm

If you tend to save beach days and theme park trips for hot, sunny days, think again. Not only do attractions tend to get busier in hot weather, but we're also less happy. "The optimal temperature for happiness is only 14 ° C, so leaving the house in 30 ° C is not conducive to having a good time," explains Andy. Use hot days to relax in the paddling pool and instead plan outings for the cloudier days.

Go outside

"Happiness is related to being outdoors, in nature and breathing fresh air," says Andy. Make an effort to get your child away from their tablet or phone and spend time outside every day, even if they are just playing in the garden.

Join their game

"As we get older, we tend to forget how to have fun," explains Andy. “Don't just sit around looking at children or looking at your phone while they play in the garden or in the park; Think like a five year old and join. You can't underestimate how happy your child will be if you get on the trampoline with him, and you may also be surprised by how much fun you are having.

Be a role model

Yes, it is obvious, but many of us still forget that children follow the cues of adults and that our moods influence theirs. "There is a saying that you are just as happy as your least happy child, and if one person in the family is miserable, everyone else will go under," says Andy. "If you have a smile on your face, it will infect your children and everyone will be happier in general."

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