How to lose weight definitely: the 3 simple essential steps

Do you dream of a slimmer body? We give you the best guidelines to finally lose weight safely, quickly, effectively and permanently.
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Do you feel that you have a few extra kilos left and want to find a quick but real way to eliminate them? Is there a way to keep our weight in the correct number without having to make great sacrifices? What can we do to live a happy life without constantly worrying about our weight?

Many people think that losing weight is just a cosmetic issue.

There are many influences that we receive today on how important it is to accept our body as it is and how essential it is for your well-being to love your physique as it is.

There is no doubt: it is absolutely true. However, at times, this has gone so far as to promote unhealthy habits, such as the trend today to promote the 'curvy«.

The efforts that certain sectors of society make to defend the beauty that exists in all people regardless of weight-related issues, can lead us to the error of neglecting what we put into our body.

It may seem like a good idea at first glance, but There is no doubt that this is a double-edged sword, as certain behaviors can mean maintaining a potentially dangerous and risky lifestyle that can lead to something much worse: being overweight and obese.

Real 100% Risks of Obesity

Obesity takes into account three aspects: the body mass index or BMI, the size of the waist and the risk factors incurred by the individual in question. Some of the dangers of this disease are these:

  • Hypertension.
  • Increase in cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
  • Cardiovascular risks, such as heart attacks, heart failure or cardiovascular accidents.
  • Bone and joint problems, as the weight they are subjected to is greater than they are capable of supporting.
  • Sleep problems, which can lead to tiredness throughout the day, fatigue or low work productivity.
  • Cancer.
  • Liver problems and the appearance of gallstones.

Although it is true that a few extra or less kilos in our body mass index may not have too many negative consequences, the reality is that obesity and all the problems associated with this disease are a very short distance if we do not take preventive measures. weather.

The 3 definitive keys to lose weight and never gain weight again

When you are aware that the benefits of maintaining the correct weight go beyond a simple aesthetic question, it is when you really commit to reaching those high levels of well-being that a healthy lifestyle supposes.

Generally, we find 3 pillars on which it is sustained, not only having a body 10, but also increasing our life expectancy, feeling happier and being stronger and more resistant both physically and mentally. Do you dare to discover them?

Eat healthy

The reality is this: many consider the diet as the fundamental pillar to get rid of those extra kilos that they want to make disappear.

Not only is a balanced and nutritious diet important, but we must also eat the right amount. This helps to lose weight, but has other benefits, such as preventing complications in the digestive tract, as well as maintaining better digestion.

That is, if we are looking to lose weight, the most appropriate could be to maintain a caloric deficit.

This means designing our diet by keeping the number of kilocalories ingested slightly below the number of kilocalories necessary for our daily lives.

If we do it the other way around, that is, by adding more kilocalories than the number of kilocalories we need to function, we will gain weight.

Spend some of your time to design a diet according to your goals, since depending on them you will need to add or remove according to what foods.

Get adequate rest

Many people think that exercising more means getting results faster, but surely when you were looking how to lose weight in a week You would never have imagined the great influence that rest has when it comes to losing kilos.

Although it is true that the more exercise we do, the sooner we will see the results; but on the other hand we must be aware that our body needs rest and recovery to be prepared for our next training session.

If you have Difficulty falling asleep or you do not get enough rest, then it will not be possible to replenish your spent energy and, due to exhaustion, it will be more difficult to lose weight quickly.

Follow a sleep routine to get adequate sleep, the hours you need and, most important of all, adjust your efforts to your energy level to avoid risks, such as injury or illness.

Exercise as necessary

The moderate physical exercise it's a great way to get to the right weight for us.

There is nothing like going for a run, going to the gym or attending Zumba classes to eliminate once and for all those love handles that we so little like.

Physical exercise has multiple benefits, since not only will you feel better and with greater vitality, but it also helps prevent diseases, strengthens our muscles and bones, reduces anxiety, improves concentration and has a positive influence on the entire digestive process.

We can differentiate two large groups of exercises: aerobic and anaerobic.

The difference between the two is very easy to verify, since while aerobic exercise is characterized by its low intensity, but carried out over a long period of time; Anaerobic exercise is just the opposite, and involves doing high intensity exercises for less time.

Some examples of aerobic exercise are spinning, dancing, skipping, or running, while some anaerobic exercise are weight lifting or isometric exercises.

While aerobic exercise allows you to improve your cardio-pulmonary capacity and your endurance, it is also an excellent method to burn calories and be closer to that dreamed flat stomach.

On the other hand, anaerobic exercise allows you to strengthen muscles and tissues to improve your strength and increase your muscle mass.

Many people search progress in the gym and they choose to mix aerobic activities, such as running or cycling, with anaerobic exercises that allow them to improve their physical well-being both internally and externally.

A suitable combination of both will allow you to improve your health while giving you the opportunity to feel like the person with the best body in the world.

As you can see, the three great pillars on which the body of your dreams is based are taking care of what we eat, striving to rest as necessary and to perform the correct exercises in the appropriate amount.

Now is your time to put them into practice so that you can have the results you are looking for much sooner than you imagine!

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