How to get better at the gym

What is the secret formula to get the body of your dreams? These are the 6 things you should be doing now to see results quickly.
Cómo mejorar en el gimnasio

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What have all those people we see in the gym done to get a body 10? Is it really necessary to make a great sacrifice of intense physical training for hours and control every aspect of our diet to achieve a good balance of strength, volume and body definition? What is really the secret to really tone our body for someone who is not a professional or knows too much about sports?

Getting the body we want or improving our physical capacity is something we commit to ourselves to improve our health and well-being and feel better about ourselves.

Many people go to the gym every day not only to improve their appearance, but also to have a better quality of life getting a slimmer body, healthier and more exercised.

The gym is the temple where endurance, strength and the will to excel through physical effort are worked on, so we must be at 100% aware of what our goal is to obtain effective and real results in the shortest possible time.

Unfortunately there is no magic formula to help us achieve these goals. The results will depend on our perseverance, the way we train and how we carry out the training. However, there is still something you can do to definitely accelerate your transformation progress, so that going to the gym becomes a real motivation and the benefits arrive as soon as possible in your life.

6 highly recommended habits for immediate progress in the gym

Therefore, if you want to know how to improve in the gym, we leave you a series of tools so that you can achieve the goals you set for yourself and finally get the body you want.

1. Out the mobile phone

It is very common to see people in the gym with their mobile, on the exercise bike using Facebook, WhatsApp or checking Instagram. Remember that you are in a place to focus on yourself and your body, so leave your mobile in the locker. If you are focused on the exercise you will get twice the results and you will be dedicating the effort that the execution requires.

2. Vary the routine so as not to stagnate

The human body has an impressive capacity for adaptation. Any routine loses its effectiveness after three or four weeks. This tells us that the time has come to change them. Change the exercises, if you have been using a lot of weight, reduce it and do more repetitions, and vice versa. Change the rest time between sets and try new modalities or supplements to the usual exercises.

3. Importance of proteins

In general, it is recommended to eat three grams of protein per kilo of body weight. So include protein foods in your diet. If you cook at home, substitute wheat flour for soy or oatmeal to increase the percentage of protein and reduce the percentage of carbohydrates. It is also important that you include carbohydrates, since they are the main source of energy for our body. Go for complex carbohydrates such as brown rice or legumes, as they take longer to absorb and help keep glucose levels stable.

4. In balance is the key

A controlled speed when it comes to perform physical exercises It will help us to keep the muscle in tension for a longer time, with which we will achieve better results, since we will put the fibers to work in a much more intensive way. The load therefore must be adequate, and for this we must bear in mind that it is necessary that we concentrate as much as possible on the worked muscle. This way of training is much more important than going fast and not being able to concentrate the tension of the exercise in the muscle, since as a general rule what will happen is that part of this tension will go to other adjacent muscles.

5. Don't beat yourself up too much

Not because you suffer more does it mean that you go to get flat stomach sooner that you want so much. It is important that we know how to listen to our body, and for this we should not use too high loads, or do endless exercises that represent an overtraining for our muscles. Remember that rest is also part of training. It is more important to rest and exercise more than to be tired and not exercise effectively.

6. Look for a company (if you need it)

Accompanied training is an ideal way to stay consistent and motivated. A partner who encourages you and helps you lift weights will be excellent for your training, as well as being more enjoyable and fun.

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