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Being a better person is much simpler and more practical than we think. Find out how to be a great person and start being who you deserve now.
Cómo ser mejor persona

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“Live as if you are already what you want to be”. - William Jones.

It has happened to all of us at some time in life that we realize that we want to be better but we don't really know how to do it. Improving each of the areas covered by our life trajectory, both personally and professionally, makes us propose to give the best of ourselves and improve ourselves day by day.

We spend our lives searching The happiness' key. The key and the mathematical formula to achieve success in our history but we cannot find it no matter how hard we try.

We believe that having a better car, a big house, starting a family and having a lot of money will allow us to fulfill ourselves as people and we will be what we want to be. However, when we achieve some of these purposes and we continue to feel incomplete and want to aspire to more, what is happening? Wasn't this what we craved so badly?

Let me be so explicit, but NO.

The constant search for improvement and personal progress is not found outside, but within ourselves.

The first step to change a situation is to change ourselves, that is why personal work is necessary, through knowing ourselves, knowing our strengths and weaknesses and starting to put into practice those tools that we have to carry out an improvement. from ourselves.

Throughout life we are offered many opportunities that we must detect to test ourselves and achieve things that we might think were impossible to do.

To achieve the best version of ourselves we must start step by step keeping in mind a series of aspects that are mentioned below.

13 surefire steps to be a better person

1. Be grateful

"Gratitude is the memory of the heart". - Lao Tse.

Stop focusing on what you don't have and start valuing what you do have. Practicing gratitude makes us feel better, increasing self-esteem, developing a character linked to personal satisfaction.

Several studies have shown that the practice of giving thanks is associated with numerous health benefits.

Generating positive emotions has direct consequences on the body and mind.

2. Practice solidarity

Stop believing that you are the center of the universe and start expanding.

The exercise of giving without expecting anything in return is essential to put into practice a series of values with oneself and towards the world. Acts of kindness make us feel good about ourselves and we have a greater capacity for psychological and physical recovery. Altruism allows you to resist adversities that occur throughout life.

Solidarity people do not hesitate to collaborate and provide support to all those individuals who are in disadvantaged situations, allowing them to distinguish themselves in a unique way.

3. Feed yourself

You are the main pillar in this construction, so you must be physically and psychologically at 100%.

Control your diet by including a balanced diet that provides you with the necessary nutrients for your body, eliminating fats and toxic foods that harm your health. Bet on fresh food, try new flavors preparing healthy recipes and delighting your palate. You may be surprised what you can discover.

4. Exercise

Exercise is essential to stay healthy and have energy.

Get regular exercise contributes to maintaining good health and preventing disease. It improves endurance and fitness, increases flexibility by keeping bones strong, lowers blood pressure, and helps maintain body weight by regulating insulin levels in the blood. It improves self-image, reduces stress and aggression, and increases general well-being.

In addition, it can be practiced in a group, which allows establishing relationships with others, increasing the degree of socialization.

5. Practice yoga

Yoga allows us to be in tune with ourselves and with the world by connecting the body and the mind and teaching us to eliminate noise and mental problems that torment us. We learn to abstract ourselves and be in the present generating positive feelings that benefit us and allow us to be calm.

This also increases flexibility helping to have a correct posture and avoiding possible back problems and physical pain.

6. Know your beliefs

Beliefs begin to form from an early age due to the influence of parents and the environment that surrounds us.

On some occasions they allow us to identify ourselves, however on others they can harm ourselves and the people around us. It is important to see the way we think, how we act in a certain situation and see the cause of it.

Understanding where your ideas come from can help you modify them and accept situations to learn from them. This requires a process of introspection, analysis and detailed observation to detect the essential components of our personality.

7. Rest

Your body programs its "biological clock" based on the hours of sunshine where you live.

This causes you to feel sleepy at night and to be awake during the day.

Everyone needs at least 8 hours of sleep. Sleep helps keep your mind and body healthy. It is important that your sleep is of a good quality and that you have a consistent sleep schedule so that you feel rested when you wake up. Sleep repairs the body and restarts it as a computer, at the end of the day recharging it with power for the next day.

Sometimes when we don't rest properly, we get up reluctantly, with a great lack of motivation and with the feeling of having run a marathon. Adequate sleep means thinking more clearly and making decisions in a safe way, reducing stress and maintaining a positive attitude, keeping the hormones that control appetite regulated and in turn controlling weight.

8. Set your goals

Visualize yourself in time, see how he talks, how he acts, how he dresses, who is around him.

Try to be specific and thorough. Think what do you want to achieve? What do you want to get it for? How could you do it? What steps do you have to take? How long will you take? What do you need to carry it out?

Steve Jobs once said that every morning he asked himself the following question:

"If today was the last day of my life, would I want to do what I'm going to do today? ”.

Ask yourself this question every morning and start taking action toward your ultimate goal.

9. Action plan

Make a list with the steps you must carry out with an expiration date.

Starting to do them will cause an increase in your security and self-esteem, since, in reality, you are committing to yourself.

Use positive actions: change the I must for the I want, these simple strategies will make you take a more positive and more motivating approach to carry them out.

10. Find a model

A person who we consider an example to follow is usually a source of inspiration in the process of change.

Place a picture of this person in a room and stare at them when you wake up and go to bed at night. Think about how he would act, how he would think, ask him for advice and think about what he would answer you.

Role models don't need to be famous people or world-changing people like Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Ghandi, they just need to be people who mean what is important to you and that you admire. They can even be relevant stories that excite you and make your eyes shine.

11. What have you achieved

Make a list of achievements that you have made throughout your life. Remember how you felt, what it cost you to achieve it and what your feelings were at the beginning of achieving it.

Did you think you were not going to be able to? You were afraid? Did you think it was impossible?

"The only limits to our achievements tomorrow are our doubts today." - Franklin D. Roosevelt.

12. Enjoy

Don't count the days, make the days count by living in the present, appreciating the little moments that make us feel alive, a coffee in the morning, coming home after a tiring day and lying on the couch, sleeping listening to the rain fall … All these little pleasures that we can enjoy if we are able to value them.

Do not forget about yourself and the things you like, go to the movies, paint a picture, write a book, read, go out with friends, make plans in nature, take care of a pet, go for a walk, call your friends , give yourself a massage. Keep in mind that doing your job is just as important as pampering yourself and taking care of yourself.

13. Meditate

The meditation practice It helps to clear the mind and observe the situations around us from an objective point of view.

The events that happen are neutral phenomena and we decide to give them a positive or negative meaning.

Mindfulness will help you feel relaxed and in tune with the world. Remember that if you want to be a better person you must work with your mind clearing ideas that do not work and keeping those that help you progress.

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