How to overcome your insecurities using Zen philosophy

Make way for your confidence! Today we review the best techniques to end once and for all with those insecurities that keep you behind.
Cómo superar tus inseguridades mediante la filosofía Zen

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How to overcome personal insecurities? How do we make ourselves feel good about ourselves? How do we learn to find satisfaction and peace?

It's a fact: we all have insecurities at some point in our life.

But the difference between those who are apparently safe people and those who are not lies in their willingness to overcome them (or at least hide them).

For many it is important what other people think about them, their physical beauty, doing what is expected of them, what can go wrong or someone discovering that they are not as good as they thought ...

You may worry that you are over your ideal weight, that your partner really loves you, that he or she loves someone else, or that you are not good enough.

It is reasonable that with a culture based on social networks, where approval is measured in reactions, showing bodies of infarction and delicious foods ... all this seems to intensify the challenge of feeling good about yourself. But what am I going to tell you that you don't already know?

Now you will learn to overcome all those insecurities.

The road may seem hard, but the reality that you just need something to start: the will to face what you hate.

You may just need a little courage to get started, but you also have to feel the urge to push all distractions away to focus on what you want to change.

How to deal with what gets in the way of dealing with insecurities

There are some obstacles that can prevent you from seeing the end of the road. You may even think that those old wounds from the past are still open.

These are some of the challenges that you will have to overcome:

Criticisms of the past

If your family or other beings of reference strongly criticized you during your childhood. If you've internalized the bullying and feel like those criticisms still linger inside your head, you may have to make an effort to make them go away.

Constant approval search

It is true that the approval of others is always inspiring. But do you need someone's constant approval to maintain that successful self-image? So you probably think that without that approval you cannot maintain the same concept as you. It's a bad idea to make that cycle of approval necessary for precisely that. What you read or say about someone on social media or in real life does not have to affect the terms of approval or disapproval that someone has of themselves.

Continuous comparison

Social media and other media are littered with images of popular people appearing in movies, television, and magazines. These images are simply claims to sell something, which in many people has an alarming impact: they feel insecure about themselves making them want to use what the celebrities are selling to feel as good as they are.

Misleading self-image

Continued criticism over time can build a personality based on self-sabotage. These criticisms can generate a tendency in you that leads you to make unfavorable comparisons of yourself in comparison to others. The result? A self-image that could be so much better. There are people who despite being wonderful, competent and brilliant continue to feel like a failure that breathes, acting accordingly to that image they have of themselves.

Low self confidence

Trust has a lot to do with acceptance. This is because over the years people we trust do things that we consider abandonment or rejection. Does stopping trusting seem like the easy way to avoid future suffering seems the best way to overcome your insecurities?

Deny reality about yourself

It's easy to reject great things about ourselves. For example, many people hate being overweight, wish to remove their pimples from their face or anything else on their body… even when they have an amazing body! It is also common to reject some parts of our interior, such as lack of discipline, indifference, fear or laziness. We punish ourselves by rejecting parts of ourselves that make us insecure.

There are many challenges to overcome. Which translates into the need to have the courage to tackle the path that follows ...

How to deal with your inner insecurities

This is the only truth: obstacles show us the way to overcome them.

The trick is simple, since you simply have to worship those obstacles to make them part of you. Simply become aware of when these insecurities arise and you can use them as an excellent material to work on those fears and distrust that worry you so much.

All insecurity is a new opportunity to learn to develop skills that can improve your life significantly.

Start by paying attention to what triggers your insecurity and get to work:

Reconcile with your past

If criticism from an authority figure has shaped your insecurities, the first step is to forgive. Be clear that his behavior was the result of his own insecurities! We all behave imperfectly, but you can still understand it. Leave the past behind.

Test your self-approval

Focus on your own approval rather than someone else's approval, attention, and praise. Own the power of others to approve yourself. You simply need your approval. Which means maintaining connections with others while maintaining your own authorization. But beware! You need to fully approve yourself. That's all.

Put aside the comparisons

Comparing your appearance to that of others is never helpful. In fact, it is a common practice that simply serves to actively harm you. Each person goes their own way, but we can all be happy in our own way. You want the best for everyone, but remember that everyone is different in their own way.

Recognize the wonders in you

Take a few minutes to reflect. Analyze every part - both external and internal - of you. Send love to each one of them. All the imperfect parts of you deserve love. Compassion is essential here. Every part of you makes you who you are, and you are a perfect and correct person since you were born.

Develop your confidence

Following the steps above can help you develop a feeling of confidence that everything is okay. It may take time, but doing things with the mindset that everything will work out is the best way to project that desire.

This is the key. Detect what you want to change to change it. It is not about changing the world, but about the vision you have about it. Find out what it is that stagnates you and turn it into an opportunity to boost your skills.

In this way you will be able to accept yourself better and trust your full potential. Love yourself and others. Only you can.

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