How to get motivated: 7 keys to staying motivated all day

Lack of motivation wreaks havoc on many people's lives. We know the keys to motivate you today and start doing incredible things that you never imagined.
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"All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney.

It is undoubted. Dreams are the best fuel that exists to propel us and go out and make them come true.

Like lightning in the night, dreams manifest in our subconscious and we are all able to identify them in a matter of a second.

We have them at all hours, some we ignore, many others we forget and there will be others that cause us fear. However, behind each of our dreams there is much more than a simple thought.

Those dreams that influence the most are those that represent a mental representation of our own vital goals.

Dreams are a challenge from our mind to our mind. A challenge to ourselves to verify that we are capable. That we are going to challenge our own limits and that, whatever happens, we are going to be the winners.

But, if it all comes down to trying to achieve a final goal that comforts us, what is it that prevents us from making them all come true?

Why is the 90 % of the most important purposes of our life still postponed?

The success of our goals is determined by the perseverance and effort we put into them.

These factors are mainly conditioned by a common denominator: motivation.

Motivation is a term that comes from the Latin "motivus”Which means cause of movement. That is, it is the force that directs behavior towards certain actions that have a final intention: to achieve what we want to achieve.

It is a feeling present in any type of behavior and, the reality is that it is essential to carry out any of our intentions.

What types of motivation exist and which one should I train?

There are two types of motivation. Extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic motivation: what moves you on the outside

It refers to the stimuli that come from the outside. Reward sources are external, such as recognition from others, receiving a prize, or earning money. It is mainly based on the performance of actions in order to obtain an external reward.

This type is the first incentive we learn when we are little. For example, when a child does his homework or behaves well, he is usually rewarded with prizes such as a bag of jelly beans, a game, a hug from his parents, etc.

Currently the system works based on extrinsic motivations such as working hard to get more money, buying consumer goods and objects and a series of other things that require work and time. How many people do we know who work hours and hours on something that does not satisfy them because they want to buy a new car, a bigger television or, perhaps, a house with a garden? This is extrinsic motivation, focusing on the material and tangible result.

Intrinsic motivation: what moves you inside

In this type, the energy that drives us comes from within the individual and is directly related to self-realization and personal growth.

The fuel that generates it comes from the pleasure and the state of well-being that one feels when carrying out a certain activity. The reward is the sense of gratification and the fulfillment on a personal level that allows it to be carried out. For example, we can see it present in an athlete who trains daily for the simple pleasure of enjoying doing his favorite sport or the writer who begins a play and does not stop writing a story in which he expresses his feelings through his story.

This type of motivation is what generates high productivity, since the person does not focus on what they get from outside, but instead gets personally involved in carrying out their work with enthusiasm and commitment. Intrinsic motivation develops over time when we acquire a certain mental maturity and we know what we like and what allows us to fulfill ourselves.

Intrinsic motivation is much more powerful than extrinsic motivation, since it is temporary and its level of satisfaction generated is much lower than intrinsic motivation.

Increasing our intrinsic motivation is really simple. Much more, if you know some tips that will help you get that motivational boost you need.

The 7 keys to get the greatest motivation of your life now

Here we present a series of techniques to enhance motivation and achieve the success of our goals.

1. Visualize your goals clearly

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, repeat the process several times until you enter a deep state of relaxation.

Try to be in a quiet place where there is no noise and you are alone. Next I want you to project yourself into your future, me having achieved your dream.

Observe your future self from the outside. What do you see? How are you dressed? Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing? How do you act? Analyze every little detail and see how you look and how you feel.

2. Positivity above all

Focus your path on what you want to achieve and set your goal as a reference point.

Do not focus on the obstacles but on the solutions.

If one path does not serve you, remember that there are many more. Shuffle the multiple exits you can take that will allow you to gradually get closer to your purpose.

Remember that when we are driving on a road and there is a traffic jam, there are other shortcuts that take us to the same destination.

3. Rate the path

Just as important is the goal as the process that leads to it.

Enjoy the tour valuing each step and each learning that you get from it. Do not be in a hurry to get to your destination because on the way you can live experiences that you never imagined. It is well known that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step.

4. Reward yourself from time to time

Every step counts because it is an achievement so allow yourself to reward yourself for it. How about giving yourself a massage? Do you remember that dress that fascinated you in the shop window? How about going out to dinner at your favorite restaurant?

It is very important that you pamper yourself and take care of yourself, as it will improve your self-esteem and you will have more energy to continue progressing.

5. Remember your successes and rejoice

Look at things that you accomplished in the past that you thought were impossible, but that you actually finally managed to complete.

The driver's license, that indecipherable test, that promotion at work ... Remember that you also saw it as very difficult, and yet you were able to get it.

6. Get inspired by everything around you

See the people and things you admire and learn from them.

Why are they a reference for you? What meaning do they have in your life?

They at some point in their life also felt like you and had the courage to face their fears and achieve their dreams.

Like them, you can too. Trust yourself and what you can achieve.

The essential thing is to believe in yourself, and once you do, you will begin to create things that you could never imagine.

7. Falling is allowed but getting up is mandatory

Do not be frustrated if you have a fall in your process because it is part of it.

Don't let negative thoughts take over your mind. When we learn to walk previously, we have needed to fall a thousand times to learn to stay on our feet.

And is that "Man needs difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success" - Steve Jobs.

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