How to be smarter in 6 steps

Ser más inteligente es fácil

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Have you ever wondered how to be smarter? Being smarter is really easy. If you follow these simple steps you'll start to feel smarter within a few hours to start applying each tip.

These are the 6 tricks that will solve all doubts about how to be smarter.

1. Concentration

Concentration is very important, because if we are doing a task and we are thinking about something else, then we will not be effective. Why is it that we lose concentration? For example, an idea or problem that we are thinking about is what is known as toxic emotions. Toxic emotions cause us to become distracted and therefore lose concentration.

The problem of losing concentration or having toxic emotions causes the brain to lose energy and that we do not have an agile mind. To avoid it we must try concentrate as much as possible on the task, and if we have a problem, at that moment, try to solve it, but separating it from what we are doing.

2. Food

Food is essential. Our brain cannot be operational and function efficiently without sufficient energy. A complete and healthy diet can help us to have a fresh mind, but if we notice that we have a lack of energy at some point during the day we can have something with sugar. It's very important take care of the diet, for the mind to be agile there must be an agile diet.

3. Physical exercise

If we want to be smarter in addition to taking care of our diet, we must do frequent exercise. It is best to do an aerobic exercise, such as running or cycling. Actually any exercise is fine, since not only calories are lost but it is also good for your mind.

4. Rest

Sleep, sleep and sleep. And not only sleep, but also sleep well. Must sleep at least seven hours a day, although if we sleep eight it is much better. If we don't rest properly, our brain will notice it.

It is important that the night before we do not focus on tasks and that let's relax a few hours before going to sleep. A nap is also good, whoever likes it, after eating, no more than forty minutes.

5. Routines

This is very personal, each one will adapt their routine according to their rhythm of life. If you have a more or less structured life, you will be able to structure your time. Being able to plan correctly is a very useful organizational exercise for the brain.

6. Mental activities

As we grow, both our mind and body rust. You cannot imagine the number of neurons we lose per day. We have to train our mind, but how? Well, doing new things that we have never done, like draw, sing, play a musical instrument, learn another language… In short, something new for you.

Also it is very useful to read to get smarter. In addition to helping concentration, you will also enjoy reading it. And not only that, you will become wiser and thus, the older you are the better you will feel, since there is nothing how to be smarter. You can read from books or magazines to online newspapers and your doubts on the Internet.

Remember, whatever it is to exercise the mind is beneficial: even play the console or do a hobby it comes in handy in its proper measure.

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