How to know if I have depression

We tell you the main symptoms to know if you have depression. Identify if you have depression in a simple way. Differentiate it from sadness.
Síntomas de depresión

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Depression. Have you ever wondered How do i know if i have depression? Well, first of all people often confuse sadness and depression.

Depression is a mental illness characterized by feelings of sadness, anger, melancholy, dejection, and unhappiness. These feelings interfere in the daily life of a person affecting all areas both professional, personal and social.

Sadness. In some cases the answer to how to know if i have depression it simply boils down to sadness. Sadness is an innate human emotion and a state of mind that we can feel at some point due to one or more causes. Sadness and depression are confused because sadness is one of the persistent feelings in depression, therefore it can be a symptom of it.

How can we differentiate sadness and depression?

Sadness and depression they are two very united concepts who have quite a few symptoms in common, however they are two different terms. To differentiate one from the other, we must look at the following characteristics:

  1. People who suffer from depression are in a situation of low tolerance for frustration and helplessness to face the obstacles that may arise in daily life.
  2. Depression usually alters the nervous system, so you generally need psychotherapy or psychotropic treatment, depending on the severity.
  3. Depression lasts longer than sadness and the causes may or may not be identified, making recovery difficult.
  4. Sadness is an emotional reaction of the human being to specific circumstances or other causes, including hormonal causes. It is usually short-lived and does not require therapy.
  5. Sadness turns into depression when it lasts over time and the person allows himself to be dominated by the negative emotions that dominate him.

Síntomas de depresión

What are the main symptoms of depression?

The main symptoms for know if you have depression are as follows:

  1. Insomnia or excess sleep
  2. Difficulty in the ability to concentrate.
  3. Partial or total loss of appetite.
  4. Negative feelings such as apathy, sadness, anxiety, helplessness, unease, guilt, hatred.
  5. Permanent tiredness, fatigue and lack of energy.
  6. Inordinate difficulty in performing daily activities such as getting up, showering, walking, etc.
  7. Repetitive thoughts of suicide or death.
  8. Lack of enjoyment with activities that were previously enjoyable.
  9. General malaise and sexual impotence
  10. Social isolation and loss of interest in social relationships.

In any case, if you suspect that you may be suffering from depression, you should go immediately to a specialist so that you do a diagnosis to certify your status.

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