How to quickly increase your levels of emotional intelligence

Do you know the importance of emotional intelligence? We review what it is, why it is so valuable and what you can do to increase it.
Cómo incrementar rápidamente tus niveles de inteligencia emocional

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Is it true that anyone can improve their emotional intelligence? What is and why is it so important to achieve a high level of emotional intelligence? What are the exact steps to increase this kind of valuable intelligence?

The popularity of emotional intelligence continues to grow when we talk about take advantage of it to better manage our personal or professional relationships. And it is not for less: people with high levels of emotional intelligence, see great increases in the positive aspects that enter their life and their productivity. Read on to find out.

Stay motivated

Emotional intelligence is closely related to motivation. Motivation is basic to stimulate yourself to oneself and to stimulate others. Try to set goals and achieve them with perseverance.

Use an assertive communication style

Earning respect without appearing overly aggressive or overly passive is possible with assertive communication. When you are emotionally intelligent, you can communicate your opinions and needs directly, while still respecting others.

Empathize with others

Emotional intelligence means empathizing. Empathy is a personality trait that shows emotional solidity, and not the other way around. With empathy you will be able to relate to those around you at an essential human level, opening the door to respect and mutual understanding between people with different opinions and situations.

Practice intrapersonal intelligence

People with good emotional intelligence are aware of themselves and their own emotions. They know how their own feelings can affect others. Emotional intelligence is closely associated with intrapersonal intelligence, as it allows you to capture the emotions and body language of others, and use that information to improve your communication skills.

Respond rather than react to conflict

Emotional outbursts and feelings of anger are common when you are in conflict. An emotionally intelligent person knows how to stay calm even in stressful situations. Avoid making impulsive decisions that usually only bring more problems. In times of conflict, the key is to seek resolution. Try to make conscious decisions so that intentions and actions align.

Use active listening skills

When you act with high emotional intelligence you are able to listen carefully, instead of waiting your turn to speak. This is so because these types of people fully understand what they are being told before responding. Moreover, they tend to pay great attention to the non-verbal details of the communication to avoid misunderstandings, allowing them to show respect for the listener so that they can respond correctly.

Use leadership skills

Leaders who stand out they are those with high emotional intelligence. They simply have high standards for themselves, and they exemplify the changes they seek in others. Taking initiative and having good decision-making and problem-solving skills is directly associated with a higher level of productivity and performance, both personally and professionally.

Practice ways to stay positive

Attitude has a powerful influence. And a purely negative influence easily spreads to others if they let you. When you are someone emotionally intelligent, you are able to be aware of the mood of the people around you, so they act accordingly. They know what they have to do to make the day favorable, through an optimistic outlook.

Take criticism well

When you are able to accept criticism, your emotional intelligence is high. If you are offended or defensive, you will be unable to understand where criticism comes from, how it affects others, and how you can use it to constructively solve any type of problem.

Be approachable and sociable

Being approachable is a simple way to be emotionally smarter. Smile and give off a positive presence. Use your social skills to adapt them to the relationship you have with the people around you. Great interpersonal skills allow you to communicate more clearly, both verbally and non-verbally.

Many of the above skills are shared by those who best understand essential human psychology. If you strive to develop your emotional intelligence, you will become more aware of your own self, which will make it easier for you to interact with others. Just follow these steps, and you will be closer to high emotional intelligence.

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