How to withdraw without a card

Cómo hacer retiros sin tarjeta

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Currently almost all banks have already developed their mobile applications to make it easier to carry out operations without the need to go to a branch, the functionality to perform cardless withdrawals through ATMs it is increasingly used by users. This procedure, in addition to being simple and safe, does not generate commissions so you can withdraw money as many times as you want.

It has happened to all of us not to have a bank card on hand or for some reason it was lost and for this type of eventualities, which are so common, banks through their apps developed the necessary technology to be able to generate codes and orders for Withdrawal of cash at ATMs without having to insert the plastic. This is a safe and simple operation to do and it is very useful when we need to send money to a relative or acquaintance. All you need is to have a bank account, have the mobile application downloaded on your cell phone and have it active.

Steps to make withdrawals without a card

  1. Enter your bank's application and click on the button cardless withdrawals in order to generate the reference.
  2. Choose the amount you want to withdraw and confirm the operation, some banks can request confirmation through a mobile Token.
  3. The app will generate a withdrawal key with digits and a security code.
  4. At any ATM of your bank, choose the option of withdrawals without a card, enter the key information, the security code and withdraw the money.

As a special note, you should know how long the withdrawal order can last, in some cases it lasts from 30 minutes to seven business days. However, as long as the data is not entered in an ATM, the money remains in the bank account to make the operation more secure. It is important to know the security measures and processes so that the cardless withdrawals can be done properly without your money or information being exposed.

Other ways to do it easily

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