How to stay inspired: 12 tips to keep your inspiration to the max

Discover the twelve ways to stay inspired in your daily life and make all your dreams come true!

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Stay healthy


1. Drink a glass of water

When you read off in the morning, drink a case of water to start the day fresh.

2. Move around and sweat

Daily exercise boosts your energy level, improves your mood, and relieves stress.

3. Don't forget to sleep

When you get enough rest, you get more energy to do the things that make you happy.

Plan your day

Cómo inspirarse

4. Set 3 tasks

Each morning, make a list of three tasks that you want to accomplish that day.

5. The 50/10 rule

Work on an important task for 50 minutes, then rest for 10 minutes to refocus.

6. Reflect daily

End your day with 10 minutes of reflection and self-evaluation.

Keep learning

Encuentra la inspiración

7. Read

Reading increases your knowledge, which keeps you inspired.

8. Surf the Internet

Watching tutorials and doing searches increase your capabilities.

9. Brainstorming

Brainstorming can be a creativity gold mine.

10. Focus on what makes you happy

Think of 10 things that you are grateful for each morning when you wake up. Gratitude promotes happiness.

11. Clean your desk

An organized desk gives you energy and inspiration that allows you to focus on the work you need to get done.

12. Enjoy your favorite things

Leave time to relax and have fun with your favorite things, like playing with your pet or riding a bike.

Other ways to do it easily

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