Online payments are no longer things of the future

Cómo hacer cobros seguros y rápidos con tu sitio de comercio electrónico

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Currently, companies, organizations and people that have a website or virtual store where they offer products and services on the internet, need to offer their customers the possibility of making their purchase online when they want it, where they want it, hassle-free and in a way that is SAFE for them.

Therefore, it is essential that businessmen and entrepreneurs (who offer their products on the internet through their website or virtual store), know how to carry out online collections through options that are comfortable, easy and safe for your customers.

The online collections They are carried out on a website or virtual store without having direct or personal contact with the client. The most requested element to carry out this type of collection is the credit card.

Charging with a Credit Card has two great advantages, on the one hand, it makes it easier for customers to buy, and on the other, the company or organization benefits from the "impulse purchase" since the user who found the product can purchase it. immediately.

An interesting option to be able to offer customers the option of paying with a credit card is to hire a service from the module of online collections, in which, the company that provides the service acts as a collector for the account and order of the company, organization or person and transfers the collection made to a savings account, checking account or via certified check, discounting a commission for the service.

This is a system widely used by professionals, entrepreneurs, companies or organizations, because it generally does not have any monthly cost and they only pay a certain percentage for the transaction (generally 5 or 6 %).

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