How to be a hacker: guide to becoming a cybersecurity expert

Do you dream of becoming a hacker but slow going bores you? I tell you all the steps you must follow so that you can start being a real hacker.
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In recent times, thanks to the appearance and inclusion of the Internet in our lives, the term "hacker" has become popular and spread among society as a somewhat murky concept and, at times, loaded with an aura of illegality, but ... Are hackers malicious beings that must be persecuted and punished by the great world security forces? There are few who believe that it is so.

Before wanting to be a hacker it is important to have an informed answer to this question. In this article we will try to make the hacker known as an individual and we will shed some light on the path to becoming an expert hacker.

Actually, the term «hacker»Has a large number of different definitions, but almost all refer to anyone as hacker person who possesses great technical prowess, extraordinary problem-solving qualities, and a strong drive and skills to push boundaries.

Decades ago, a community of these expert programmers and network administrators began to be born, generating a culture and a community that endures today.

Members of this culture were the first to be called "hackers."

When we hear the word "hacker" that comes to mind. person capable of circumventing the security of computer systems on computers and mobile phonesHowever, hacking is something much more moral and complex than many can imagine.

Learn the basic hacker techniques, how to think like a hacker and earn the respect of this community to get a place in the controversial world of hackers.

The essentials to be a hacker

Although to be a hacker we do not need anything special, it will be necessary to have some basic tools and resources that will facilitate the task on our way to being a hacker.

Run Unix

We can say that the operating system on the Internet is called Unix. As is often the case with other operating systems, such as Windows or Android, we can use them without problems without understanding what they really are. We can use the Internet without understanding Unix, but to be a hacker it is essential to understand how the internal machinery of Unix works.

Unix has become the central pillar of the hacker culture. The main example of a Unix system is found in Linux. It is possible to run a Linux distribution, and run Microsoft Windows in parallel on the same computer.

Many Linux distributions can be easily downloaded freely and for free on the Internet. You can also try contacting Unix-fond people in your environment or on the web to help you with the installation.

If you want to enjoy Linux without getting too complicated, you can create what is known as Live CD. A Live CD is neither more nor less than the full version of a fully functional operating system, on a CD. The best thing about this is that you do not have to worry about anything, since it will not modify anything on your hard drive. Without a doubt, it is a perfect way to get in touch with Unix without having to do anything too difficult.

If you don't have access to a CD, you can do the same with a USB storage disk. The procedure is exactly the same, although some older computers may not allow charging from the USB ports.

It is not always possible to read or modify code from an operating system, some like Microsoft Windows, or any other that runs with a closed source system. Doing so would be like trying to fish on a frozen lake.

However, with Mac OS you can run Linux, although only a small portion of the operating system is open source, so its use is more complex.

Try to know the basics of HTML and gradually improve your programming skills. When you enter a website, what your eyes see as a page full of logos, banners, images and other design components, is actually the result of an internal code that with the appropriate coding carried out using HTML manages to exactly reflect the design that show.

It's really easy to create a basic web page with HTML and, without a doubt, it serves to discover the way in which a web is composed.

You can examine the source code of any web page by right-clicking on it and clicking on the option to view source code.

To make a page written in basic HTML, you can open a Notepad document, and save your progress both in Text Document (* txt), so that you can update it later, and with an .html extension so that you can see the changes in the computer.

Learning HTML is something really useful, since it will allow you to understand in a graphic way how the Internet works.

Soak up programming language

Before you start driving you need to learn how the car works. Before breaking the rules, you should know what the rules are. If you really want to become a hacker, you are going to need more than just the driving school car to run the big race.

The best thing when we want to start something new is to start easy. Some languages, like Pyhton, are excellent for newcomers, as they have a clear design and a good amount of documentary material.

However, if what you want directly is programming, you can do it by learning the heart of Unix, the C language. Maybe if you have searched or are looking for information about this language you may have doubts between C and C ++ and which one is better to learn.

The truth is that C is very efficient with the resources of your machine, but sometimes it is tremendously slow debugging, so it is highly recommended that you have a machine with some power. Those who know one do not find it difficult to understand the other, so in the end we will master both.

What is a hacker really like?

As it always happens, after theory comes practice. Next we will reveal the essential characteristics to be a hacker. Being a hacker isn't just a hobby, it's about a passion that requires dedication and continuous training.

Just like when someone goes to the gym, hacking is something where you progress slowly, but as you acquire more knowledge, acquiring new ones will be much easier given the experience you already have.

Constant creativity

It is often said that we all have a technical part and a creative part. Surely, if some people clearly have skills on both sides, those are the hackers.

Hackers, in addition to possessing extraordinary technical qualities, also enjoy an impressive creative ability. They strongly believe in freedom and in values such as mutual responsibility.

Anyone who is good at solve problems, what sharpen your capabilities So what constantly exercise your intelligence, can be considered a hacker.

What do I need to be a hacker?

  • Have cultural and intellectual interests that are not related to the hacker world.
  • The words "play," "work," "science," and "art" should mean the same thing to you.
  • Possessing techno-fictional concerns. Technology and science fiction must be fascinating to you.

Dedicate yourself to solving problems

Just as in class group work, no one would think of doing the same part of the work as their classmate, in the hacker world something exactly the same happens. There is no point in solving the same problem twice.

Hackers they have a very ambitious concept of time, and they consider that every minute of their lives is worth gold, that is why for them it is almost a moral obligation to share the information, since they believe that the problem has not been solved until all the people have also solved it.

But make no mistake, this does not mean that we have to publish our ideas left and right anywhere we are offered.

Identify your adversary

Many times the lack of achieved objectives is mainly due to the fact that we are not able to clearly identify what or to whom we should go to achieve them.

Don't look like a hacker

If we do a search on the Internet, we will find many users who claim to be professional hackers, and capable of doing extraordinary things.

It is not about doubting them. Is about focus on what really matters, and a real hacker should never care about recognition, because he considers that his goal is not to be famous.

Your first tasks as a hacker

There are some ideal activities for anyone who wants to start being a hacker. Although there are many more, these are some that will come in handy to take your first steps.

  • Create an open source program. It is something that many hackers usually like, and that they can even do in their spare time or in their moments of boredom.
  • Help and debug open source programs. You can join a community and make your contributions to a project voluntarily.
  • Post useful and interesting information. A good task can be to collect, select and filter information of interest to generate content for users.
  • Helps keep machinery running. The hacker culture is maintained by volunteers. And the truth is, there is a lot of heavy lifting that needs to be maintained and updated.
  • Become a servant of the hacker culture. It is something that you will not be able to do immediately, but perhaps with your contributions you will be able to become someone relevant to the hacker world. Remember: in hacker culture there are no leaders, but there are heroes.

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