10 funny and functional tricks for lazy people

Lounging on the couch is sometimes not easy enough. The sedentary man's life is about to improve his low maintenance, which is saying a lot.

Table of Contents

1. Nap trick

If your top two fears don't include choking to death under a scarf or dying of embarrassment making a fool of yourself, this is a great way to take a nap on the train.

1 2. Trick for beer

Here the patron saint of laziness demonstrates how enjoying a beer is possible even when it's too cold to get your arms out from under the blanket.

2 3. Trick for birthdays

«Happy birthday ... come on, you know how the song continues. I go back to the sofa. ».

3 4. Trick for the window

Attention, children, do not do this at home. This man is a professional.

4 5. Trick for the hamburger

If you've moved to Burger King, that's more than enough exercise for today.

5 6. Trick for the pet

Now he calls walking the human, instead of walking the dog.

6 7. Trick to take care of the child

This man is not lazy, he is a genius.

7 8. Trick for bread

Because some mornings, even making toast is too much effort.

8 9. Trick for gasoline

Okay, this will probably take more effort than getting out of the vehicle. But sometimes, laziness levels up with creativity.

9 10. Trick for television

Can't find the remote control? No problem.


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