How to choose the fastest queue at the supermarket

Never know which line to get in when you go to pay? Discover the tricks that will make you choose the fastest one so that you can be the fastest when buying!
Cómo avanzar rápido en la fila del súper

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Why do the other queues when it comes to paying at the supermarket always move faster than yours?

In his new book «Why are the other queues moving faster?«, Its author, David Andrews, explains that:

Our minds are against us. Regardless of how long we spend, the slowest queue will be where you are. "

He also adds that the probability can also be against us, explaining that if there are three queues, there is a two-thirds probability that one of the other queues will go faster than yours, while you only have one in three chances to be the queue. move faster.

Cómo avanzar rápido en la fila del súper

How to choose the best queue to pay in the super market?

  1. Choose the tail that has the most men. They tend to be less patient than women and may give up sooner, putting down their baskets and walking away.
  2. Choose the tail on the left better than the tail on the right. Most people are right-handed and instinctively tend to go to the right. The queue on the left is likely to have fewer people.
  3. Don't use the express checkout. It is not about the number of items you have to pay that dictates the speed of the queue, it is the number of people in front of you.
  4. If possible, join the cash-only checkout as they tend to move faster than queues at checkouts that accept card payment.
  5. If you find yourself with three tails, never choose the one in the middle. You will have less chance of going faster than if you choose any of the others.
  6. The single queue, where you are warned by number to go to the available checkout, may seem huge, but in fact, it moves much faster than the individual lines.

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