How to effectively protect yourself from negative energies

Do you feel a low vibration in your life and want to learn how to block it? Find out now what bad energies are and how you can deal with them too.
Cómo protegerse de las energías negativas

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How to prevent negative energies from affecting you? How can you protect yourself from low vibrations? What can you do to protect yourself from other toxic people?

There are countless ways that low vibrations use to manifest, although there are, luckily, as many ways to block them.

If you feel your life as if someone would have cursed you or done witchcraft, I personally recommend applying reliable and quality information that helps us to block any negative energy.

11 effective effective ways to cleanse the energies around you

Do not allow yourself to spend another day under negative energies and make good fortune return to your life to stay forever. Also, if you think someone is applying black magic on you, here's what to do to immediately nullify its effects:

Find out the reasons why someone might be casting these terrible spells on you

If you don't know the way to find out who does witchcraft to you, just ask yourself: Could there be someone out there who wants you to be sick or die? If someone has used black magic on you, it is basically because someone has a problem with you.
If you can identify the person who is using the powers of the evil one to attack you, it may be easier to find a way to stop this person's actions.

Always wear an amulet

Wherever you go, do so with an amulet. It will help you protect yourself from bad energies and curses. With an amulet the force of negative energies will be considerably reduced, leaving it almost nullified.
There are many amulets, the important thing is that it has a strong meaning for you and is associated with some type of positive energy. Good amulets are small gifts from a loved one, such as a jewel or a key ring; a shell from the beach; or a ribbon that she wore in her hair years ago.

Eat healthy

A correct and balanced diet will translate into a higher state of energy. Think about it: if the main source of energy for human beings comes from their diet, what better way to be protected than having high defenses eating healthy and varied foods?
To cope with any type of energy, nothing better than reviewing our diet and detecting what aspects we could improve so that black magic is useless against us.


Exercise is a great way to nullify the devastating effects of black magic. Including frequent exercise in our routine Not only will it result in an increase in our strength in the face of negative energy, but it will also have beneficial psychological effects that will translate into a greater ability to emit positive energy.

Take a bath of salts and magic herbs

A bath of these characteristics is a great ritual to clean and ward off bad energies that are damaging you. If you think they are doing black magic on you, light some candles and prepare a hot bath. It is important to try to think of positive things. To increase the power of this ritual, you can add a small amount of one of the following elements:

  • a pinch of salt
  • Hyssop
  • Basil
  • Sagebrush
  • Patchouli
  • Vetiver
  • Wormwood

Burn some incense

The above herbs are also helpful if they are burned. You don't need to use all of them, but try to use as many as you can.
As long as we burn some, the spell could be weakened. There are different ways to burn incense. Use whichever one you use, do it on a safe surface.

Use laughter

Black magic uses its energy to get its power and feed itself. Similarly, positive energy has the power to weaken you. In this case, laughter is the best method to end black magic, as you will be able to use it effectively against it.
When you think black magic is at work around you, think of something funny and laugh. When you meet the person you suspect is causing the bad energy acting on you: smile and be nice. Play a joke and try to get them to laugh together. Even if the other person does not find what you have said funny, their power will be reduced by the power of your positive energy.

Build self-confidence

Seeing yourself capable of coping with the adversity of someone exerting negative energies on you is the first step to effectively counteract all its effects. You firmly believe that dealing with this type of dark arts is fully possible for most people and in this way you will have managed to take the step to nullify any type of harmful energy. Always remember that good is always more powerful than evil.

Focus on you

The people most susceptible to suffering the consequences of a malignant attack are usually those who have a poor vision of themselves or who have low self-esteem. Love yourself and love yourself as you are. Remember that no one is perfect, so don't expect to be you. Learn to forgive ourselves and becoming our best friends is a good idea, as it generates a high-level vibration that helps repel the black magic around you.

Detect if there are toxic people in your environment

Sometimes, the main sources of negative energy are people so close and dear to us that we do not notice their harmfulness. Most of these individuals, most of the time, are not aware of the large doses of low vibrations that they are emitting, nor of the terrible damage that this may be causing. It is always possible to talk to this person and try to make him understand that a change in attitude could benefit everyone. However, you should be aware that this does not always work, because if someone is convinced that they are not doing bad, then why should they change? Remember that you are only responsible for your own actions, so the most effective solutions are usually in yourself, having a lot of patience and acting wisely to attract the purest good through your own actions.

Contact a professional curator

If you are fully convinced that someone has used black magic on you and none of the above has helped to block it, it may be time to contact a specialist to help you with your problem through the use of a series of rituals. Talk to someone who understands what you are going through and who assures you that they know how to give you back the life that belongs to you.

If you are a religious person, it may be best to talk to your religious leader.

Sometimes talking to a psychic can help, but be cautious and choose someone who is genuine and with real intentions to help you.

It may also be helpful to contact a therapist so that, through meditation, hyponosis, astral travel and other techniques, try to help you bring positive energy back into your life forever again.

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