How to sell your house online quickly and safely

Avoid risks and unnecessary delays with the sale of your house. Discover the number 1 method chosen by homeowners around the world to sell their home online quickly and safely.
Cómo vender tu casa por internet con rapidez y seguridad

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Are you thinking of selling your house? What possibilities exist to sell a house online? How to let a large percentage of potential buyers know that your house is for sale?

Most home sellers know that the Internet is best for things like listing your home, finding deals, and attracting buyers.

Consumer housing trends are clear and most sellers already use online resources like TrueHome by Loft.

But making the most of what the Internet has to offer requires a bit of strategy. There are some important approaches to consider. The route you choose may depend on your financial goals, your schedule, and your willingness to do some DIY work.

Note: If you're one of the few who hasn't considered selling your home online (or don't know how to sell a house online), you may be missing out on a large percentage of potential buyers. By selling real estate online, you can gain efficiency without losing control of the process.

Sell your house online with the TrueHome by Loft sales platform

When you hire a real estate agent, it is almost a guarantee that they will market your house online. TrueHome by Loft is the online platform that helps you buy and sell pre-sale houses, apartments and developments through a hybrid model that combines technology and data compilation with personalized advice in the most popular areas of Mexico such as: CDMX, State of Mexico , Jalisco, Nuevo León, Puebla or Querétaro.

At TrueHome by Loft they can help you:

  • Appreciate every detail of each property through a digital marketplace with professional photographs that can be useful to find the best features in different states of the republic.
  • Know the pre-approved amount of credit that you can obtain to acquire your next home through a credit simulator.
  • Find the best option to choose your mortgage loan according to your needs.
  • Prepare the documentation to be presented throughout the process, so that you avoid inconveniences and delays when resolving any procedure.

Why sell houses on the internet?

Selling online is a streamlined, high-tech way to get in front of a large pool of potential buyers who are actively looking for homes, whether they're traditional buyers or investors.

If you are looking for a traditional buyer, using TrueHome by Loft you can:

  • Avoid additional expenses in sales commissions
  • Have personalized and comprehensive advice throughout the entire process
  • Know every detail of the entire process
  • Market your home professionally
  • Understand the value, performance and ways to maximize your home's exposure
  • Adjust a sales strategy to your specific needs

If you're courting a cash buyer, selling with TrueHome by Loft may make even more sense. Investors and iBuyers operate almost exclusively online, so having an online presence makes it faster and easier to attract cash buyers, both locally and from across the country.

Is it expensive to sell your house online?

In addition, they take care of all the tasks related to the sale: both the architectural distribution plan and the sales materials, such as a sales brochure.

They also provide you with legal advice, so that you can anticipate legal problems, and avoid or correctly manage conflicts and legal procedures.

Of course, it does not imply exclusivity, so their real estate specialists will be available to help you at any time, regardless of whether you try to sell your house through other channels.

Other ways to do it easily

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