How to learn English remotely easily

Can you learn English at a distance? Discover the most useful tips that have already helped thousands of people improve their English without leaving home.
Como aprender ingles a distancia facilmente

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Can you learn English from home? What are the best resources to learn English at a distance? How to quickly improve your English without spending hundreds of euros every month?

You no longer need to move to an English-speaking country to improve your English fluency skills. If you are interested in advancing your linguistic progress, it is no longer necessary to leave the house.

Here are some recommendations for learning English from a distance no matter where you are when you are.

Immerse yourself in English

You can surround yourself with English even if you are outside an English-speaking country. You can look for ways to make English a part of your day to day:

  • Write the shopping list in English.
  • Read the newspaper in English.
  • Listen to the radio in English.
  • Write a journal in English.
  • Listen to English on your mobile while you move.

Make English-speaking friends

If you are outside of an English-speaking country, you can still make friends who live nearby and who are. Find ways to meet native English speakers in your area to do activities with. You can go to a bar or restaurant, but you can also play sports together or whatever else you can think of!

You could even volunteer to show them around the city and connect with more English speakers.

Find colleagues with the same motivation to learn English

Although native English speakers can greatly help you to improve your English, you can also find someone who is not, but who, like you, also wants to improve it. It can be truly motivating to learn while helping others to improve!

Use quality resources

Classic textbooks can be a bit boring, especially when there are books written by authentic native English speakers that can be much more useful. It can be quite an intimidating challenge at first, but reading the news in English every day is one of the most effective ways to learn English from a distance. Why not take a look at the free resources on the web and test your language skills as you learn the most common words, begin to form sentences, build conversations and speak English with more confidence than ever?

Learn English Online

Going online can give you the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. You can join digital communities that help you improve your English while getting to know new cultures. Now social networks are a great ally to keep in touch with friends from all over the world.

Set realistic goals

It is the number one question that you must clarify. Among some of the goals you can choose to improve English:

  • Promote professionally.
  • To study abroad.
  • Spend your next vacation in an English-speaking country.

There is nothing better than setting realistic short-term and long-term goals in order to make optimal progress on your progress.

Listen to authentic English

To speak English it is essential to train your ear so that you can understand the language at a normal speed. You can practice until you are able to understand the language without having to see it written. Look for online resources where you can hear the language from native English speakers.

You find new ways to learn new words

You like to sing? Look up the lyrics of your songs in English. Do you remember something you have seen? Write new words in notes. It is very easy to learn English if you use your imagination to help you remember it.

Learn more about the culture

Meeting natives from English-speaking countries is exceptional for learning the language, but also for communicating with people who have different ways of thinking.

Have fun while you learn!

Learning a language requires an investment, but it can be much more enriching if you also have fun. Play games, do crosswords, sing songs, read comics, and don't worry too much about mistakes. Making mistakes is the best way to progress!

Other ways to do it easily

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