10 steps to start the day with positivity

Starting the day in a positive way is as useful as it is easy. In just ten steps you will be able to improve your day from very early. Do not wait more!
Cómo tener un buen despertar

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The perfect day. Some days we wake up in the morning thinking that today we want to have a perfect day, but for some things or for others the day ends up twisting in the end.

I have to tell you a secret: the perfect day it depends solely and exclusively on us and our attitude.

10 steps to your wonderful day

To have an unforgettable day, you just have to follow these simple guidelines.

Step 1: Get up early to make the most of the day

Many times we are overcome by laziness and we prefer to linger with the pillow. Laziness is not a good counselor, since then we will have to go against the clock and in a hurry accumulating stress from the first hour.

Step 2: Visualize the day you want to have

Wash your face and look in the mirror with a smile visualizing what you would like to do that day and how good you can feel doing it.

Step 3: Get the body moving

After a good breakfast that includes proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins (essential nutrients that provide energy), exercise to activate your mind and body. You will release stress and feel healthier.

Step 4: Positive mindset

Focus on the positives that you find throughout the day, small details that go unnoticed and things that make us feel happy.

Step 5: Be nice and do a nice thing for someone

Being kind to others makes us grow on a personal level. It is important to exercise our charisma, as we will be feeding our spirit.

Step 6: In the face of adversity, neutralize

How many times do we drown in a glass of water for things that are really not worth it and lose that precious time that we can use in another way? It is normal that at the end of the day problems appear, conflicts arise, obstacles are put in our way. Faced with this situation, we must evaluate on a scale of 1 to 10 the degree of importance it deserves and the time we are going to dedicate to worry.

¡Estírate y siéntete bien todo el día!Step 7: Live in the present

Do not torment yourself for things that happened because the past is past and has an expiration date. Give yourself the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from it. Errors are learning tools.

Step 8: Dedicate yourself at least 10 minutes

The day has 1440 minutes of which 10 can be taken to breathe deeply and disconnect from everything around us trying to leave the mind blank. This exercise is important because in the long run it will help us to have greater resistance and a zero stress level.

Step 9: Analyze the good things that have happened during the day

Thank yourself for the effort and work you have done. It is important to have self-recognition of oneself and nurturing self-esteem every day.

Step 10: get plenty of rest

Remember not to go to bed too late to sleep the necessary hours that provide a regenerating sleep. Sleep is very important to feel good.

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