How to be more productive when working from home

Be more productive when working from home? If possible. In this article we reveal the essential tricks to telework more and better from.
Cómo aumentar la productividad cuando se trabaja desde casa

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Working from home requires a little more discipline, so I'll give you some tips.

So that everything flows better, first I will tell you about Juliana: she is 29 years old,  She is an architect and has 2 children. Since she graduated, she has worked in an architecture company located 50 minutes from her home.

Although he likes his job, for several years now, he is considering leaving everything, opening his own business and creating a job from home to be more aware of his family life.

This year, after thinking too much about the idea, Juliana decides to quit her job at the company where she was and start her own language school.

For this he decides to hire a web hosting to create a Web page and create an online school. Their idea is to record the lessons so that they are available on the Internet. 

On the very first day, Juliana had trouble organizing her day. As she was used to office work by now, she became too distracted in her housework and no longer had time to record her lesson for the day.

If you work with digital products, you may have identified with Juliana's story. But you can rest assured, you are not alone!

Today when people integrate more activities into their schedules, there are always problems to organize and be more productive.

And we know that working from home or anywhere other than an office always requires more organization and methods, since we can easily get distracted by people talking, noise, television, cell phones, etc.

I invite you to take a look!

Assign a nice space with everything you need

When we start looking for jobs to do at home, the first thing you should do is define where you will work, all to  minimize distractions. 

The fact that we do not worry about the traffic, the buses, even the clothes that we must wear to go to work is enough not to feel stress.

But we must not forget that we need a specific place to work. 

Preferably choose a spacious room with lots of light, where you have privacy.

Here are some tips that will help you have a more pleasant workspace: 

Like an office, you need to have a desk with all the necessary tools to fulfill your tasks, you must include the computer and the telephone, it can be your personal cell phone and / or your home phone.

Remember that to carry out online work you will need the computer to answer emails, make video calls, videoconferences and store your files.

It is necessary to make it clear with the members of your family that you are working, and that they cannot come and go as they want.

Ask and if necessary demand that they respect your workspace. 

Establish a comfortable work environment

The chair in which you sit must comply with the correct position of your body and your feet must be on the floor.

Please don't even think about working lying down! You should know that the use of the Laptop in bed can affect your breathing, cause pain in your neck, back and forearm, which causes an effect on your productivity.

The fact that you worry about your comfort is understandable since the 70% of the population suffers from back pain due to poor posture according to information from the World Health Organization. 

Here's an infographic that I found very informative about the importance of posture when you're working at the computer:

Create a routine that helps differentiate your work hours

If you ever wondered how to earn money from home ?, it was probably because one of the motivations was to have more free time. 

Well, I warn you that at first  It will be difficult for you to distinguish between your home and your work. 

That is why a routine should be established, so that you make sure that you will have the necessary time to carry out all your activities.

Even if you work from home with flexible hours, it is very important that you set a specific time to start your day, every day.

The moment you start working, it will set the tone for how the rest of your day will be. And that's where our next point begins.

Plan your day according to your productivity

Surely you have heard that some people are more productive at some specific time of the day.

It may seem difficult to understand, but our levels of creativity and concentration alternate throughout the day, which is why the same task can be completed in different periods of time.

If you are starting to work from home, pay attention to when your work flows more easily and when you begin to feel drained.

Remember that more hours of work does not imply more productivity, look at the following information:

Set daily goals and try to meet most of them

In traditional companies, managers set deadlines to meet goals, so when you work from home, only you are responsible for your own results.

Many times not having a fixed authority can affect you to such an extent that you can begin to procrastinate and stop doing important tasks. 

What helps to maintain high levels of productivity is to set goals on a daily basis.

Whether it's responding to a number of emails, solving any situation, or even recording a video, to name a few examples. 

Therefore, before turning on the computer, it is important that you keep track of what you must do and set a deadline for each task.

Make a priority list

We know that all tasks are important, but it is necessary to establish which ones take the most time or those that cause the greatest impact on your business.

Sometimes you will have to put aside the small tasks and dedicate yourself to an activity that is more complicated.

That is why it is important to have goal objectives, because this way you can establish a priority to later carry out the rest of the activities later.

Avoid falling into Multitasking

Surely it has happened to you that you want to write an email, while you attend a Whats App message or attend the company's chat, this is known as multitasking. 

Doing more than one thing at the same time can lower your IQ by 10, which equates to a bad night's sleep.

Remember, even if your brain has a high storage capacity, it can only process information one at a time.

Which means that productivity is not about doing several things at once, but about doing one thing and doing it well.

When I started working at home my duties were to create web pages, this job  involves doing several things, defining what the best web hosting for the client's site, define the objectives of the site, request information from the client, etc. 

Everything is usually laborious, especially when there are several projects at the same time, but what helped me to establish clear processes was the organization and the applications were of great help.

In the next point I talk about it.

Use apps to organize your routine

Being organized and focusing on your work routine can be difficult.  That is why some tools and applications on the internet can help you to make your work day more productive.

If you have email from Google, you can use Calendar to list your tasks for the week in advance. And as the days go by, you will receive notifications that will reach your email so that you do not forget.

Evernote and Google Keep are also widely used apps for creating to-do lists.

You can record your work progress, post notes, scan documents, insert images, videos and graphics for your different projects. 

If you don't like the applications, you can set reminders on your cell phone. Set alarms at the start of the day, so you don't forget your tasks.

Another way that you can make a habit is to use a block or a notebook where you can write your ideas to put them into practice at another time.

Rest so that your mind and body recharge energy 

It may seem contradictory to you, but rest is necessary to have high levels of productivity.

For each activity you complete, “give yourself” a few minutes for something you enjoy or simply disconnect from work.

Free time is also an opportunity that can help you have references that can continuously improve your performance.

In addition to improving the quality of your work, resting is essential to have a good functioning in your body, and as it is commonly said "a healthy mind in a healthy body".

Learn to identify when it's time to stop

Working in a place that is not part of a company can also affect the concept of our time. Because the routine of turning off the computer and going home now no longer exists.

So it is important that you set a time to end the day. Otherwise, work will mix with your personal life and you will lose one of the great advantages of working at home, having more time for yourself.

This rule also applies to weekend emails. Never enter your email account unless it is really necessary.

If you have a technical assistance service to resolve situations with your clients, then most likely it is not necessary for you to answer any emails in your free time.

Align your schedule with that of your suppliers and partners, so that communication between you does not harm anyone


Few people are fortunate enough to work from home, however you run the risk of becoming unproductive, but don't worry, I have just given you some tips that I have put into practice myself and I guarantee that they work. 

I hope they are very useful to you, remember that the key to being more productive when working at home is to be disciplined and constant. 

When I got my first job from home online, it was a bit tricky at first, but now I know it was an excellent decision. 

Do you have any other useful tips to help you be more productive? Share with us in the comments! 

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