How to have a fun day with your child

Now is the time to spend some time with your little one! Learn the best tips and tricks to have a wonderful day with your child.
Cómo divertirte con tu hijo

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How to get your child to smile non-stop? What to do for you and your child so that you can both have fun like you have never done before? What are the best tips for you to spend an unforgettable day?

"If it's not fun, you're not doing it right." - Bob Basso

Every morning my son and I go for a 20 minute walk on the way to school. For me, those twenty minutes are a mere procedure where I just walk. For my little one, it is neither more nor less than a parade of emotions and enthusiasm: flowers through the gardens, fire trucks, people who come and go ...

It's funny how we adults walk focused on our own thoughts: what obligations we have today or how much it will cost us to reach the end of the month.

However, children easily amuse themselves and are able to remain with a smile throughout the day.

Children enjoy anything!

And it is logical. We are the adults who are lost.

Fun is a matter of perspective. It is not a tied force within the amusement park. Keeping this in mind is very important.

With fun it is given to make friends, for the development and personal and psychological computing of each person.

How to put some fun in your day to day with your child

At birth we have an absolute understanding of what fun is. Unfortunately, the passage of time makes this fade. The good news: there are still some things we can learn from children to make them have even more fun.

Go where you like to be

Children know very well how to enjoy the moment. We adults always tend to think about what we have to do today, tomorrow or next month. Put all the superfluous aside, and head straight for where the fun is. Simple as that!

Teach him something new

From new words to new facial expressions, children are adept at learning. Make it a daily chore to learn new things, whatever. They teach you to have fun in return.

Take him out of his comfort zone

Children love to feel like they are taking risks. As we mature, we tend to stay in safe spaces. But the days are much more exciting if we do something out of the ordinary.

Find your rhythm

What may seem unbearable to you, a child can turn into his favorite toy. Try to change this view of things and try to see it as he sees it. Blend in with the environment and make it pleasant.

Smile more!

They say that children are capable of smiling up to 400 times every day. The adults? Only 15. You know that a smile is a catalyst for fun. Put it to the test with your little ones

Enjoy nature

Children are surprised by almost everything, especially nature. Ants, birds, dandelions ... Go back to that moment when you saw them for the first time and allow yourself to share with your child that re-infatuation with Mother Nature.


Children take little time to discover their own bodies. It is learning to walk and they do not stop moving. In no time, you'll realize that anything above ground level is super exciting for them. Climbing a mountain, climbing a tree or visiting a viewpoint makes you feel like you love the world.

Protect your weaknesses

Your child may be shy or not very fond of interacting with others. Adapt to their preferences, because if they prefer to play alone rather than with other children, it may be because they enjoy it more… what's wrong?

Develop imagination

Children spend more time in their own world than in reality. Take advantage of this fact to connect with him. Imagination gives rise to anything: you can spend some time riding elephants in Thailand, running a marathon on the Great Wall of China, or taking a trip through space. It's so much fun that in no time you wish it were true!

Leave room for surprises

We cannot guess how our son will feel tomorrow. That is why it is so important to get out of the established routine. You don't know how liberated it will feel.

High five

There doesn't have to be a specific reason but it makes them feel like Olympic Games champions. The next time he tells you about a merit or achievement, don't hesitate to give him a high five. Small things will suddenly become big!

Add a little relaxation

Children also like some quiet time at times. It is not necessary to live in constant stress, as rushing is a fun killer.


Paint, draw, build or write. Children love to express their full creative potential, as a good part of their day-to-day fun lies here. How to get it? Very simple, you can go to the beach to build a sand castle, use an educational game adapted to his age or perhaps a puzzle with a picture that excites him.

Stain your hands

Children are not afraid to get dirty. In fact, this is where they can bring their imagination to life. Time to get in the mud!

Break the rules

Children's fun has no rules. Neither do they. If it doesn't hurt, why wait? If they like something and it doesn't hurt anyone, let them enjoy it.

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