How to be the best friend everyone wants to have

Do you still think that being a good friend is difficult? Learn to be the best friend you can imagine and become the example of the friends you hope to find.
Cómo ser el mejor amigo que todos quieren tener

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Are you afraid of being a terrible friend and not realizing it? What differentiates a good friendship from a bad influence? What are the characteristics that define you as the best friend that everyone would like to have?

You could be being a terrible friend without even realizing it. That should make you think ... it really does!

It is possible that at this moment you have been wondering if you are really being a good friend or not.

Sometimes we do and say things that do not pass any filter. Without being aware of the damage we can do without us realizing it.

It is logical: we get used to our friends and we end up becoming insensitive about what we say and do. We reached a comfort level that seems positive, but at the same time, an accumulation of reprehensible acts can end up leaking.

If you want to surprise a friend, but if you want to be a better friend, then we will review the signs that differentiate a good friend from someone who is not.

Make sure they are okay when you notice something is wrong

It's easy to beat around the bush, but with a little tact you can show your concern. A text message, a phone call, or an in-person date can be the perfect excuse to spend time with them. It is not about showing concern for their well-being.

On the other hand, there is no universal method to worry without brushing off excess. Try to figure out what just works best and adjust accordingly.

Many people are able to hide their negative emotions. Surely you know when your friends do this. Having good friends helps this mask to fall off more easily.

Learn when to act serious and when to be humorous

When you need seriousness, you need seriousness. No attempt to appear funny is going to solve real problems.

You can argue at times, it is natural, but it is important to be mature and focus on finding common ground rather than diverting attention elsewhere.

If you can't tell the important moments from the fun ones, how do you expect others to trust you enough to share things with you?

Go where they are when they need you

Especially when they want your opinion or help with something important. If someone trusts you for something, go the extra mile. Show that you are as involved in what matters to them as they are.

This means never treat something that is important to your friends with contempt. In a committed relationship it is frowned upon when the other person does not go out of his way to help when required.

Don't give up when everything goes wrong

When someone has a bad time, they may isolate themselves from the rest of the world. He refuses to go out and chooses to isolate himself from his social circle. It is an annoying thing and it can cause many others to fall for it, but good friends persevere without ceasing.

It's frustrating when nothing seems to be accomplished, but helping a friend through difficult times has only one result: strengthening your friendship.

Make them feel loved

The best way is by making them feel heard. Showing them that you like what they say, that you love being with them. You should strive to create an environment where you can be comfortable enough to be frank without feeling weird.

It is very easy to show affection. And much easier is to demonstrate it from time to time.

Make them feel like you'll always be there

Remind them that you are a friend for life by letting them know that you will always be there for them. This means keeping in touch or being there to celebrate successes and defuse losses.

If you've never done it before, make sure your friends know that they can count on you whenever they need it.

Understand and respect the limits

When we review images of friendship is when we realize that it is not necessary to stay together permanently. Each person needs their space to recharge and do not always want to go out with others. This does not mean that you do not like it. Good friends avoid being pesky and understand the occasional "no". In fact, good friends know how to get back to your side no matter how long it has been since you last saw each other.

Be honest and constructive when necessary

There is a big difference between being aware of your feelings and allowing them to ruin your relationship in the long run. If they develop a negative habit, you can politely point it out to show that you are concerned.

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