How to clean silver: 10 easy, fast and effective tricks

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Do you want to clean silver and are looking for an infallible method? What are the best tricks to clean silver without damaging it? What to do if your jewelry or silverware is very dirty and you cannot clean it?

We all have in our homes some articles that are made of real silver, providing great beauty and sophistication.

The problem comes with the passage of time since that characteristic brightness can be diminished and sometimes we do not know well how to clean silver jewelry, silver chains, silver objects, coins or even ornaments and we don't really know the best way.

Fortunately there are many methods that are responsible for restoring them. Be very careful with chemicals because they could affect the structure of the object itself. That is why we have compiled a series of natural methods that will be in charge of respecting it at all times.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a white powder that is very useful for clean the silver at home. The idea is to heat water in a container, add it and mix it. A paste will be created that we will apply to the silver objects.

Make sure they are clean before you do it, apply, rub the silver well and then rinse them so that no trace remains.


Soak your silver pieces for about 10 minutes in a mixture of a glass of warm water with half a glass of ammonia. Then clean and be amazed at how it turned out.


This is a much more rudimentary method but effective in any case effective when cleaning silver. The first thing we have to do is wash the element with soap and water. After that we will take care of spreading the toothpaste all over the object (first we will do it by hand and then with a cloth or towel to be able to spread it perfectly).

After doing so, we must rinse it with soap and observe the result.

Lemon juice and salt

Leave your silver pieces overnight in a container with a tablespoon of lemon juice, a glass and a half of water and half a glass of powdered milk.


This tip will be useful to avoid having to clean your silver pieces so assiduously. You just have to put some chalk in the place where you keep your jewelry or cutlery. The main property of chalk is that it absorbs moisture, making it easy to maintain an unbeatable appearance.


Cornstarch and water are great allies when it comes to cleaning silver. You just have to apply it with a damp cloth and wait for it to dry. Then use a scrubber to remove every last trace.


To clean the silver with this trick, you will only have to boil a liter of water, with a tablespoon of bicarbonate and a piece of aluminum foil.

You will only have to place the silver pieces you want to clean in the water for about 15 seconds. Silver will be flawless in no time!

Glass cleaner

This product is great for leaving silver as shiny as the first day.

In particular, these are the steps to clean black silver when it has been exposed to chlorine or bleach. You just have to spray some cleaner on a cloth or brush, and rub until your silver recovers its original state. You will be surprised by the result!


And we ended up with one of the craziest (yet effective) methods I've ever seen. As we have done with the first method, we will put a pot with 1L of water to heat. We will not let it boil, just warm it up.

We add a glass of ketchup and we introduce the silver object that we want for a quarter of an hour.

Finally, apply liquid Vaseline on the silver object, scrub with a towel and observe its excellent final result.


To get some sparkling silverware or jewelry, you just have to line a container with aluminum foil and fill it with hot water. Add a little laundry detergent (about a tablespoon or so) and rinse it off after a minute. After letting it dry, your pieces will be impeccable.

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