How to clean the iron: the definitive method to leave it as new

Como limpiar una plancha

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Surely ever you have needed to know how to clean the clothes iron in an easy and fast way.

It is very common that when we find ourselves ironing our clothes, or sheets and towels, inadvertently we pass the iron on some cloth that soils and it remains sticky on the base of it that prevents us from continuing to iron because we can stain the other garments. In this article you will learn how to clean the iron and how to clean the soleplate of the iron so that they look like the first day.

The best method to clean an iron

We offer you some tricks or techniques that help you not to waste so much time when you are ironing.

  • Use fine salt or white sand on a paper and then the iron must be well heated and we pass it over the salt or sand.

Salt or sand should be accommodated and passed as many times as necessary until the iron is very clean.

  • A very effective technique is to use a white candle, run the candle through the hot plate and allow it to cool, then the plate is reheated and passed through clean earth without stones or garbage.
  • Another method of cleaning the iron is using fine virulana, the surface that is affected should be rubbed with fine virulana and a product that is a cream cleanser. It should be rubbed in circles, and then pass napkins to clean the surface.

Once the cleaning is finished, a soft cloth or cloth moistened with water is passed to remove the remains of the product that was used because it could stain the other clothes.

More secrets to cleaning the iron ...

You can also use the detergent by passing over the part that is dirty with a clean cloth slightly dampened with water, it is recommended to use a sponge in case using detergent is more effective than the cloth alone.

It is not recommended to use cleaners that are abrasive or very harsh because can damage the surface of the iron.

Other ways to do it easily

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