How to choose an ironing center: The secrets to a successful choice

Do you panchas a lot? An ironing center is a clear investment that can be very worth it. Learn to choose the best today!
Cómo elegir un centro de planchado

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Should you buy an ironing center or a traditional iron? What are the key features to look out for? What other features should you look at?

Ironing centers are becoming more popular every day than traditional irons.

And is that if you iron often and you want a way to do that job easily, quickly and with less effort, then an ironing center has an extra cost that is worth paying for.

Generally, ironing centers respond better than traditional irons to the same task. When ironing, it is the high level of steam that helps to effectively iron any type of garment.

Keep in mind that an ironing station:

  • It can be quite bulky and heavier than a normal iron.
  • It may be easier to iron, but it is also more difficult to store and move.
  • It must be used on a specific ironing board.
  • The room requires good ventilation to avoid overheating from prolonged ironing.

If after considering the previous points you think that your habits with a traditional iron are justified, then perhaps you should continue opting for that type of iron.

Although you can directly visit an ironing center comparison website, below you will know the guidelines that will help you choose better when making your choice.


The weight of an ironing station has a direct influence on how easy it is to lift and hold. A lighter weight iron may be more comfortable to use, but you will need to exert more pressure when using it. On the other hand, a heavier unit will be more difficult to move, but you will need less pressure when using it to achieve a perfect ironing.


Keeping a nonstick soleplate clean is usually easier than cleaning a stainless steel one. However, it is important to take steps to avoid scratches, which can cause your iron to stop working the same over time.


It's all about making the buttons, dials, and knob easy to manipulate.

Cable storage

There are models specifically designed to wind the cable and keep the device much tidier than leaving the cables loose and tangled.

Auto power off

For safety, try to choose a design that has the functionality to turn itself off after a period of inactivity.

Ignition pilot

It is useful to know that the iron is on and ready to be used.

Vertical steam

Some ironing centers allow you to iron larger items, such as curtains or suit jackets, without the need for you to take them down.

Water tank

Having a transparent water tank helps you know the water level so you know when you need to add more.

Variable steam

Controlling the amount of steam your iron emits can be helpful in removing deep wrinkles while using it with delicate items.

Thermostat lights

With these indicators you can know if the iron is heating up, as well as if it has already reached the preset temperature.

Heat lock

The heat lock mechanism is useful for pausing the steam supply so that it is not necessary to hold it down throughout the ironing session. This functionality may be especially necessary if you tend to iron vertically or if you plan to use the ironing center with large pieces of fabric.


Steam stations are available in a wide price range. Worthwhile units usually cost between € 150 and € 3,000

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