How to wash your clothes without risk of damaging them

Not sure whether to put the washing machine or wash your clothes by hand? Know the guidelines that you must follow to achieve maximum cleaning of your garments without effort.
Cómo lavar tu ropa sin riesgo a dañarla

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How to wash clothes with the washing machine or by hand without damaging them? What to do to make your clothes clean and smell good without too much effort? What are the most recommended tips for doing laundry?

Rather than buying new clothes every so often, it's a good idea to learn how to properly wash clothes so they last longer. Learning to wash your clothes is an important skill, especially since you can get them to smell better or avoid having to buy new clothes every few weeks.

By following these steps you can wash and dry your clothes with little effort.

How to wash clothes using the washer and dryer

When you go to wash your clothes, there are two essential things to take into account: what are the colored garments, and what material they are made of. Not all fabrics can be washed with the same amount of water pressure or spin level.

Start by separating colored garments from light and dark ones. When you wash your clothes, especially the new ones, it is possible that they lose their color and stain the other clothes (that is why old clothes lose intensity in their color). All clothing that is white, beige or light, pale pastel, should go in the amount of "white", leaving all other colored clothing in the amount of "dark" clothing. If you don't separate it, it may bleed and the color will stick to other clothes.

Separate clothes based on materials of manufacture. Denim clothing and thick clothing, such as towels, may need a more intense wash cycle than light and delicate clothing. You should separate the clothes according to the type of wash cycle that their manufacturers recommend.

Check the manufacturer's instructions

Clothing labels are not only there to annoy your skin by itching, but they are there to help you know the care instructions that your clothes require when you go to wash them. When in doubt about how you should wash it, consult this label. It will tell you what material the clothes are made of and how you should wash and dry them.

Select the correct temperature

Washers have different temperature ranges because some materials and colors require different levels of heat when washing.

Remember to use hot water for light and especially dirty colors. While cold water is recommended for dark colors, to reduce color flakes as much as possible.

Remember to adjust the load

Most washers help you choose the size of the load you can wash. If you are going to wash a few clothes, you should select a low load, while if you fill the entire washing machine, it is best to select a program with a higher load.

Never fill the washing machine to overflowing. If there are no more clothes, it is best to put another washing machine with the additional clothes afterwards, since otherwise you could end up damaging the washing machine or your clothes.

Find out which wash cycle you need

Like the temperature, the wash cycle can also vary, although each type of laundry requires a different level of washing.

  • The normal cycle is selected when you want to wash white clothes to make them crisp and fresh.
  • Permanent pressure is used for colored clothing, as it uses hot water and ends with cold water, so that the colors will better maintain the intensity of their color.
  • Use delicates if you have any fragile garments, such as underwear or ball gowns. Always make sure that your delicate clothes do not need to be dry cleaned or washed by hand.

Add the right soap and fabric softener and close the door

It can be detergent, bleach or fabric softener. Add the correct amount of the appropriate soap.

The amount of detergent you add will depend on how loaded your laundry is. A plug is usually added for full loads. However, read the instructions for use on your detergent bottle to find out how to use it correctly.

Bleach is used when you want your clothes to be authentically white. Do not wear it with clothes that are not white, as you would ruin it.

The softener is added to the rinse cycle. Some washing machines have a tank where you can add the softener before programming your washing machine and it alone takes care of managing it at the right time.

Take your clothes out of the washing machine and put those compatible in the dryer

Don't forget that some items can only be dried in the open air. Check its label, and if it says it is not dryer friendly, then hang it out until it is completely dry. Like the washing machine, you will also have to set the dryer with the normal / strong, permanent pressure and delicate programs.

How to wash clothes by hand

Fill a large bucket or use the sink with the stopper and fill it with hot water. Then add a little detergent for hand washing. You should not use washing machine detergent, as it is too concentrated and could work incorrectly. You can buy delicate detergent in the same supermarket where you buy your washing machine detergent.

Dip your garments in the water until they are completely soaked. You can wait a few moments until your clothes absorb all the detergent.

Rinse your clothes with hot, clean water. You can place your clothes under the tap one by one until the last trace of soap is removed.

Let your clothes air dry. Avoid hanging it as this could change its shape. Instead, spread them out on a flat surface until dry and you will minimize the wrinkles formed by the drying process.

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