How to clean any type of floor

Cleaning the floor has never been so easy and fast. These are the best tips to efficiently clean any type of floor in a few minutes.
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How to clean the floor to obtain incredible results without deteriorating it? What tricks are there to get the maximum cleanliness and look like the first day on our floors? Is there a method to keep our floors clean for longer without it having to mean cleaning more?

There is no doubt not all floors are the same.

Although that is clear, what many people still do not know is that each type of material requires special care.

Whether your floor is made of wood, stone or porcelain, knowing how to clean and what type of maintenance they require is an essential requirement if you are looking to have a beautiful and shiny floor for longer.

How to clean laminate flooring

Your laminate flooring may look like hard wood planks or natural stone tile. However, this is only its appearance, and we will always have to give it the care of a laminate floor to keep it in perfect condition.

Although there are few things that can damage this type of flooring, since being manufactured with capable of offering resistance to the sun and light, the truth is that we can enjoy an extraordinary appearance on our floors for much longer still, if we apply correctly some basic recommendations for cleaning.

For example, we will have to avoid, as far as possible, the occasional water leaks that can access under the boards. It is better to vacuum or clean avoiding excess water. You can try removing the stains with a damp cloth.

It is also important that you know something else, and that is that these types of floors cannot be polished, so that, if your floor is badly damaged, the best option is to change it.

How to clean porcelain floors

You can mix a little vinegar in a bottle, with a little detergent and warm water that will help you quickly and effectively descale every last trace of dirt.

Finish with a damp mop or mop and feel free to use a steam cleaner to take the cleaning of your porcelain floors to a higher level.

How to clean wooden floors

Wooden floors usually have two types of finish: polyurethane or wax. However, it is possible that you are not sure which one has yours. You will be able to verify that it is waxed, if when you pass your finger over it, a stain appears.

Sealed wood floors usually come with a urethane, polyurethane, or polyacrylic coating. This is to preserve the soil for a longer period of stains and external damage.

A great method to clean interior and exterior wooden floors and achieve maximum results, is to add a little soap with a neutral pH to a little water and, with the help of a mop or mop, clean the entire surface to make it gleaming. . Just make sure not to leave it too wet, and clean it once a week, if it is a busy area, and once a month if it is an area that is not.

Moisture seriously affects waxed wood floors, so in this case, the best advice is to avoid water and use a sweeping brush, or vacuum cleaner to remove any traces of dust or dirt.

Although the finish of your cleaning depends on the quality of your floor, it is also possible to get a good floor if you follow the correct steps.

How to clean bamboo floors

Since bamboo is a sustainable material, of great beauty and that is usually more delicate than wooden floors, it is necessary to give it more special care to guarantee its durability for a long time.

Unless your flooring is made of braided bamboo, which is the most resistant bamboo flooring that exists, it is best to sweep it carefully to prevent dirt from remaining on it for a long time.

You can use the same mixture as for cleaning wooden floors, in such a way that by adding a little soap with a neutral pH to a bucket of water, we can clean our floor, as long as we remove any excess moisture afterwards.

How to clean natural stone floors

It is very important that you know that this type of floor is seriously damaged by vinegar, as happens with bleach and ammonia.

To clean natural stone floors, it is best to apply a neutral pH cleaner that does not act negatively on the stone floor. If the dirt is deeply encrusted, opt for a steam cleaning.

How to clean cork flooring

This soil is as beautiful as it is porous, which makes it prone to damage from excess moisture.

It is a highly absorbent type of floor, and although most cork floors are sealed, it never hurts to take some precaution to keep it perfect for longer.

Using the vacuum cleaner gently, to avoid damage, or cleaning the liquids as soon as something is spilled on them will help us avoid possible potential damage.

As for what products we can use to clean cork floors, we found a miraculous solution. Just mix a little vinegar with a drop of soap and spray it on your floor without shaking. This not only helps break down society, it prevents build-ups and helps disinfect. Then finish with a damp mop or mop over the area you were cleaning.

How to clean vinyl flooring

You can clean it once a week by mixing a little vinegar with a drop of detergent and warm water. Apply it to the dirt on the floor and finish with the damp mop to maximize results.

If you want a more comprehensive cleaning, you can use a steam cleaner to clean tiles, as this is useful for removing stains and killing bacteria.

How to clean linoleum floors

Real linoleum is made from linseed oil, resin, limestone, wood fiber, and cork powder. In addition, it is usually colored with mineral pigments that give it that beautiful and beautiful appearance.

You can apply the same methods as for cleaning the cork floor, in such a way that by mixing a little detergent with hot water in a spray bottle, we can spray it so that our floor is impeccable. Although you can let it air dry, if you notice something sticky, just wipe it with a damp mop to fix it.

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