How to choose a sofa and get the choice right

Time to buy a sofa! In this article we review some essential tips to fully hit the mark with the choice of your new sofa.
Cómo elegir un sofá y acertar de pleno con la elección

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Thinking of buying a new sofa? What do you need to know before selecting the sofa you are going to buy? What are the essential tips for getting the 100% right with the choice of your next sofa?

Buying a sofa is a great investment: we want you to enjoy your purchase.

Why suffer the frustration and regret of a hasty and ill-considered purchase? We understand this, and we will help you find the best sofa that suits your needs.

Among the most important things you need to consider are quality and comfort, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time on your new sofa.

Buying a sofa is a very important investment that you are going to make to cover a living space. In this article we reveal the help you need so that you can choose better.

Make sure to try it before you buy

Sofas are generally deep enough to be able to maneuver even if your legs are long, or snuggle up if they are not. However, sometimes it can vary, which makes it advisable to try different styles to ensure that you are choosing a good sofa.

There are no specific measures, so you need to check that your next sofa will adapt to the dimensions of each member of the family. The most expensive sofa in the world should not inherently also be considered the most comfortable.

Therefore, even if you opt for one of the relax sofas, it is also recommended that you test its comfort before buying, just like you would test a car.

You will also need to check the overall width (not counting the armrest) if you plan to lie on it for long periods of time.

Check the quality of the frame

Remember this: spend what you have to spend on a high-quality frame.

This depends on whether your next sofa allows you to rest on it for a long time or not. Additionally, manufacturers who are confident in the quality of their frames offer lifetime warranties. Solid wood frames are often recommended for their strength, but avoid chipboard or metal.

Don't overlook the cushions

That it is not seen does not mean that it is not important. The same goes for the stuffing of the cushions of a sofa. For example, down fillings are comfortable, but you will have to turn them frequently.

Foam or fiber fillings can flatten or lose their shape over time. Our recommendation is to choose a combination of foam and feathers, that is: back cushions filled with feathers and seat cushions filled with foam or fiber.

Analyze manufacturing materials

You may already have an idea of what color or pattern to look for on your next sofa, but your choice of upholstery fabric will have a big impact on your sofa experience.

Choose carefully those materials that integrate with your style. Keep in mind that natural materials can fade in direct sunlight, so choose synthetic materials if you plan to place your sofa near a direct source of light, such as a window. On the other hand, if you have pets, go for easy-to-clean materials.

In any case, it is advisable to use separate covers and covers, which you can remove for easy washing, cleaning or changing.

Adjust to the measurements

Do not hesitate to bring a tape measure to ensure that the dimensions of the sofa you buy are adequate for the space available.

You will also have to be clear that the dimensions of the doors and stairs through which the sofa will pass at the time of delivery are also appropriate. If you don't have a lot of room, you may need to go for a low-back style, with extra-pole legs, or a modular design (which can be delivered in sections).

Other ways to do it easily

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