How to protect your sofa upholstery from your pets

Protecting a sofa easily and effectively? If possible. And much more if you follow any (or all) of the following tips to keep your sofa free of stains and bad odors.
Cómo proteger el tapizado tu sofá de tus mascotas

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Have you just bought a new sofa and want to protect it from the possible exploits of your pet? Are you thinking of buying a new one and want it to be compatible with the presence of an animal at home? What are the best ways to protect a sofa from pet stains and odors?

Whether you are looking for cheap cheslong sofas or if you like sofa beds with the Italian system moreIf you are acquiring new furniture for your home, surely this question has already crossed your mind:

How can I protect my sofa from my pets to make it last longer?

This question can be especially persistent if your family includes an animal.

Until recently, you might have thought a dog lounging on the couch was normal, but by now you've discovered why so many people prohibits your pets from climbing on the furniture in your house, not even in your old cheap armchair.

And it is that when it comes to modifying the behavior of an animal, looking for alternatives usually works better than prohibiting to find long-term solutions.

In this way, finding new ways to protect your furniture can help you start to become aware of the imminent teaching that your pet is going to undergo. To do this, you can start by learning how to protect your sofa against stains and bad odors.

Cover your sofa with a cover

It's the quintessential choice for most people, but without a doubt covering is one of the easiest ways to protect any piece of furniture from your pet's antics.

It is true that it may remind you of what your grandmother does, but you will be surprised to know that currently there are covers for sofas with designs as modern as they are varied. Due to its surface, this option is usually the best to protect corner sofas larger without giving up design. What's more, better to invest in a washable cover than in new upholstery fabrics.

Your pet may have declared that part of the couch as his favorite spot - so easy! Just cover that area well and voila.

Avoid bare wood if your pet tends to nibble on furniture

Take the time to train your dog to chew on other surfaces, as it may when you are away. Animals tend to nibble on furniture, and especially when they are puppies, but if you teach him another behavior, with a little effort, he will learn it.

Think that a dog with destructive tendencies when you are outside can be as dangerous for your furniture as it is for the animal itself. Fortunately, in addition to correcting your education, if the marks are not very severe, they may have a solution.

Opt for pet-friendly materials

Many people decide the upholstery of their sofas with their animals in mind. And there are two star materials that these people tend to choose: leather and microfiber.

Although there are specialized manufacturers that allow you to customize a sofa of exquisite quality to your liking, you can also find models upholstered in these materials directly in the store, but in this case the options will be limited.

They are almost always the favorite option for those people who have pets but are looking for a new sofa, but you know: the covers of these sofas are really pretty!

Bathe and brush your pet more frequently

The more you bathe and brush the less hair of your pet you will find on your sofa. If your dog is shedding a lot, you may need to vacuum more regularly.

You can also avoid scratches on the furniture if you cut the nails more regularly and file them without even cutting them, they are still sharp.

Get a bed for your pet

Dogs love comfortable and pleasant beds to rest, so a specific bed will make your coexistence more harmonious (especially if you have chosen one of those modern electric sofas).

You have to take into account the different beds when choosing one for your pet, since there is a huge variety available: reinforced, orthopedic, with heating and pillow ..., and although it may not get used to it immediately, try placing it elsewhere. Dogs love to keep an eye on things, so if you get your dog to spend more time in his bed, the less likely it is that he will leave hairs, spots, at the same time reduce the odors of your animal at home.

Learn to leave the doors closed

If your dog has restricted access to some rooms in the house, the best thing to do is keep his doors closed.

Some people install a baby gate to keep their pets out of certain areas of the house while they do something else.

Choose a sofa with removable seats

This is usually another alternative to keep your sofa spotless.

Today you can buy cheap sofas whose seats can be easily removed to remove odors and stains from your pet effortlessly.

As you can see, there are different ways to protect your furniture from your pet's stains and odors, but everything will be faster and more fluid if you get your pet to correct its habits towards more conciliatory ones, especially with the sofa!

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