How to decorate your room with ideas as sophisticated as they are beautiful

Is it time to decorate your room? Follow these simple tips to design a sophisticated, unique and original room.
Cómo decorar tu habitación con ideas tan sofisticadas como bonitas

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Looking for unique ways to decorate your room in an original way? What are the basic rules for decorating a room? How to get an exclusive and sophisticated style for your bedroom without much effort?

The bedroom is a personal refuge, a sanctuary where you can express your feelings and your personality with colors. Now you can know the essential rules when it comes time to decorate your bedroom.

Are you looking for some ideas to decorate your room? Well, here we will tell you some tips on furniture, shelves or other objects that you can use to have a first-class room.

Remember the individual armchairs

It occupies the space of your room to decorate with individual armchairs, they are very helpful when having guests or simply to settle down and read books in your free time, there are many models that do not take up so much space and that you can combine perfectly with any color.

Add games of lights

Everyone loves Christmas lights, only that you can not have them all the time of decoration for these cases there are smaller lights, with original shapes and accessories to hang easily, these are cheap and some that work with batteries. With them you can decorate some wall (s) with small lights that will make your space a place in perfect harmony.

Install wooden shelves

There are triangular and hexagonal shelves where you can accommodate an endless number of objects. From picture frames, plants, books, collectible dolls among others. They are very easy to put on and give the bedroom a youthful touch. Do not limit yourself to putting 1 or 2, many shelves can be adapted by forming figures on the wall.

Pay attention to the desk and consoles

Whether it is to do homework, write or have a moment of leisure at the computer, a desk is always a necessary piece in a bedroom. If space is limited, consoles that are similar to desks but are smaller and narrower can be adapted. You will realize how functional they are even to accommodate basic things of your day to day.

Put vinyl on the walls

The vinyl letters on the walls can be of great help when decorating because they are quite versatile in terms of designs, you can place a phrase that identifies you or spectacular drawings such as branches, mandalas, stars, circles and any idea you have. in mind. This option is also very attractive in nursery or baby room decorations without having to fill everything with wallpaper.

Go for a nifty color

While many people choose primary colors for their walls that add an eye-catching touch to their walls, many others opt for monochromatic palettes for a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

At this point you can take into account the psychology of color: colors considered calm or serene include the soft tones of blue, lavender or green. Use these colors if you want to create an environment of comfort and convenience.

Give the ceiling the importance it deserves

The ceiling is one more wall of your room and after all it is the most visible surface when we lie in bed. You can add a subtle pattern, although many people tend to paint the ceiling in a slightly softer version than the wall color. Do this if you want to give the room a feeling of comfort and privacy.

However, you can also add wallpaper, or include architectural elements in the form of beams or moldings that finish giving a unique touch to the room.

Remember that the simple always wins

The style of a room should be oriented to create a cozy and simple place, but at the same time it is sophisticated and elegant.

Leave half a meter of space between the bed and the walls and place the basic furniture. A bed, a couple of nightstands, a dresser, and an assistance chair. This serves to balance space and order.

Decoration should be kept to a minimum. If you want, you can hang a painting, a few photos, flowers, and candles. Less is more.

Choose furniture in the right size

When you go to buy the furniture to furnish it, it is advisable to have a drawing of the plan of the room.

You already know that the furniture needs to adapt to the room, and not the other way around. Therefore, choosing a bed of adequate dimensions is crucial if you are looking for a sophisticated decoration for your room. Choose furniture in proportion to the dimensions of the space.

Focus on storage issues

Nothing feels more serene than keeping things orderly. Keeping things out of sight will make your room look more quiet and spacious.

Bedside tables with drawers or doors are very useful for storing books, perfumes or even glasses. You can also add a trunk to place it at the foot of the bed and store extra sheets, blankets and pillows.

Include your private corner

A quiet place to sit and read is a must for those looking for an intimate reading or resting area with a comfortable armchair and footrest. Some people decide to place it under the window to enjoy the view and natural light.

Dress your bed with beautiful bedspreads

Beautiful sheets can add a unique and luxurious touch to your bedroom.

Decide on sheets made with 100% cotton if you want to feel like in a five-star hotel.

Think about how you are going to cover the windows

A well decorated window will add a unique texture and softness to your room.

You may prefer sheer curtains, which filter the light, or blackout blinds and roll them up, which help keep you private at night and block out the light at dawn.

Do not be afraid to imagine incredible things for your bedroom, it is your space and it is up to you to create unique things with it. Do you have another idea to decorate your room?

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