How to watch TV online for free

How to enjoy the best television content for free? These are the best ways to watch TV online, without paying anything.
Cómo ver la TV online gratis

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Don't have a TV but want to enjoy all the content of paid streaming services? Do you want to watch television online for free but you think it takes effort and you don't have patience? Hate paying for TV but still want to watch your favorite series and movies?

It is a fact that the price of streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime is growing as new services like Disney + appear. So what difference is there really from cable TV companies?

The good news is that you don't have to pay for Netflix or Hulu to get to watch TV online for free. Below you will discover some of the best streaming platforms in the world to enjoy all the TV content without having to pay a penny.

Borrow someone else's login

Sharing accounts is something that, without explicitly indicating it, most streaming services do not put any inconvenience to this practice. In fact, almost all platforms encourage account sharing, at least within a family, with separate user profiles and multi-user pricing plans. You can ask a friend or family member for the login information, add a profile to the account, and enjoy all the content.

Using your loved one's subscription can not only save you money, it can help you ditch other services entirely, while having access to all the breaking content.

Just be sure to adhere to the terms of service to preserve the integrity of the account.

Choose a free streaming service

In case you do not have access to a relative's on-demand audiovisual content platform account, you can still watch TV on the internet for free. Nowadays, there are a lot of streaming websites that provide lots of free high-quality content.

For example, one of the most popular options is Pluto TV. This platform offers more than live channels where you can watch movies and TV shows. While it is true that this type of service usually includes advertising, but also on traditional TV! The best thing about this option is that you can see it in your web browser, in an app for a smartphone or tablet or even on a TV.

If this site does not convince you, you can also use services like YouTube, which are ideal to satisfy your hunger for entertainment. However, you may be having trouble finding full episodes of TV shows.

You can find many other free platforms on Google, but you should avoid using disreputable websites. These types of sites operate illegally and do not always have all the relevant security measures in place.

Visit the television station's website

When you're trying to watch a show on a specific network or network, the most effective option is usually to visit their website. It may seem obvious, but almost all websites allow you to stream some (or all) of the episodes for free.

Do you need a list of networks that offer free content? Just list the top TV channels in your country or region.

Take advantage of free trials

Free streaming sites often don't include the shows you want to watch. The positive part is that services like Netflix and Hulu usually include free trials for a certain time. These tests help you when you know what you want to see, but you should think of them as a last resort. Free trials are one-time use, so you can end up with a charge on your bill if you don't cancel your account on time.

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